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Roger loses in three sets

02.05.2009 | Tennis

Roger was defeated 6-4, 3-6, 3-6 by defending champion Novak Djokovic in the Intenazionali BNL D'Italia semi-final today.


Our champ displayed a strong first set and clearly dominated the match all the way into the third game of the second. The match was then interrupted by heavy rain with Roger leading 6-4 and 2-1. When the players came back onto court Djokovic seemed a completely different player, taking the second set 6-3. The final set was a tough fight but Roger simply committed too many errors and finally lost the set 3-6 after having taken an initial 3-1 lead.



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09/15/2009 | 05:58 PM
when I speak about you with my mexican girlfriend, who is Nadal fan, I usually call you the "Royal Pendejo" because of the times you make your fans suffer.
Where the hell was your service yesterday??
Why again so many faults?
So, once again you
08/26/2009 | 05:00 PM
I have been criticing your last match with Tsonga and I remark it again now, after the magnificient games you played in semifinal and final in Cincinnati
I must say I got to finally see the real Roger, playing he way He and He only can!
Nadal was lucky
08/15/2009 | 09:34 AM
Disgusting the way you lost against Tsonga and sincerely there are no other words to express my feelings!
06/07/2009 | 05:24 PM
For God sake you finally did it!!!!
I told you when your service is OK nobody can defat you!!!
Looking for you to get Wimbledon as well as it belongs to you for another couple of years al least. Just continue this way!!!
All my be
05/09/2009 | 05:33 PM
Dearest Roger,

Don't be frustrated. You'll be fine. Just work hard. Be patient and consistent. Never give up!
05/09/2009 | 09:46 AM
Dear Roger. Don´t worry. I understand you completely. Every man just married and waiting for to be father at the first time is nervous, and you are a man, although sometimes playing tennis you don´t seems to.

Warm regards
05/09/2009 | 03:16 AM
Dear web Master***
I belive you must declare this thread " closed"
We are focus in Madrid now.
Thanks so much
05/09/2009 | 12:23 AM
Roger needs to bring in a coach or adviser such as Annacone or McEnroe, and humble himself to accept the advice and, where necessary, change his regimen, use new strategies against top opponents, and focus much better than he's doing now.

Just two majo
05/08/2009 | 10:24 PM
Dear Roger
I'll begin by saying that ,in 2006, you brought me back to watch tennis matches ,you were not the best server or the top athlete;you were and still are the best strategist in the game,an artist and a maestro .
What is happening now?,I'd like
05/08/2009 | 07:08 PM
Roger has forced his opponents to be better and fitter. Three - Nadal, Djokovic and Murray -have the talent and the drive to respond to his challenge and are now regularly beating Roger.

His record shows he has the talent to beat anyone, at least on ev
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