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Roger loses in three sets

02.05.2009 | Tennis

Roger was defeated 6-4, 3-6, 3-6 by defending champion Novak Djokovic in the Intenazionali BNL D'Italia semi-final today.


Our champ displayed a strong first set and clearly dominated the match all the way into the third game of the second. The match was then interrupted by heavy rain with Roger leading 6-4 and 2-1. When the players came back onto court Djokovic seemed a completely different player, taking the second set 6-3. The final set was a tough fight but Roger simply committed too many errors and finally lost the set 3-6 after having taken an initial 3-1 lead.



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05/07/2009 | 04:54 PM
Why do we keep getting worried about Roger if he simply doesn't care about tennis anymore? If he did, he would have called a Coach already. It seems that we care more about his game than he does. He has millions of dollars in his pockets and winning is no
05/07/2009 | 04:52 PM
hey rogerrr....... its okh .... i knw how hard it is to endure a loss..... but just keep that thirst for victory alive .... for its da thirst dat will lead u all da way to triumph..roger u jus have to put it in ur head dat u can and u will no matter wat .
05/07/2009 | 04:47 PM
good luck in Madrid......champ

05/07/2009 | 04:06 PM
Dear Roger,
Enjoy the sunshine in Madrid!
And enjoy your game as well ~

Annie Huang
05/07/2009 | 03:52 PM
hey man don´t talk about his strengths because he knows it. it happened also when Agassi got married with Brooke Shields (he passed from number 1 to 35 or something I don´t recall). He has his head in other things and he is so good that he keeps going to
05/07/2009 | 03:35 PM
Thank you for your fair post, well said and put into words clearly ! Besides Margaret, your post is always my priority to read ! Roger is lucky to have fans like you guys ! I always think Roger is a very lucky and happy man, have very kind
05/07/2009 | 03:18 PM
hughsie p71

quote some dont know who was stefan
edberg unquote

05/07/2009 | 02:19 PM
I agree with the dutchlady! We as Rogsfan should behave like him, I mean to show respect & appreciation to the tennis player whom we enjoyed his performance for almost 10 years. I am sure that everybody agree with me on that, although this web site still
05/07/2009 | 02:18 PM
hi Roger however you are the best you can win Roland Garros and wimblidon too !!!!!! i believe in you !!
good luck .
05/07/2009 | 12:47 PM
***Dimocomix (p. 71),
I am Dutch and the Dutch are (amongst other things) known for two characteristics: we have a 'live and let live' attitude and on the other side we are known to act like 'teachers and preachers' ;-).
I am all in favour of the 'live