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Roger starts on Monday

23.05.2009 | Tennis

Roger's bid to win his first French Open championship - and tie Pete Sampras with a record 14th major singles title - will start on Monday against Alberto Martin of Spain (ATP 97). The two have met once before in Monaco in 2006, where Roger clearly defeated Martin 6-0, 6-1.


Roger and Novak Djokovic are lined up to meet in the semifinals, before that a clash with James Blake in the round of the last 16 and Andy Roddick in the quarter finals are possible.

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05/25/2009 | 04:47 PM
Maybe because he likes both Federer and Rafa? (Rafa a little more)

It happens you know!
05/25/2009 | 04:46 PM
Thank goodness for live scores. Roger is up a break. Idiot comm just mentioned it.

This really sucks, because channelsurfing is broadcasting via TC - so same feed.
05/25/2009 | 04:45 PM
bloombie good for you
05/25/2009 | 04:45 PM
So why are you posting on this site then?
05/25/2009 | 04:42 PM
Get to final, and play Rafa. But as a Rafa Fanatic...I'm sorry, but I'm rooting for Rafa!
05/25/2009 | 04:40 PM
i love u . u will surely win . go roger
05/25/2009 | 04:37 PM
6-4 6-3 so far for our boy - maybe not perfect but he is doing fine. Rafa also had a little trouble against the Brazilian guy today. Go Roger for set 3!!
05/25/2009 | 04:35 PM
I will be watching every one of your matches, and I will be wishing you luck all the way :)

You have everything you need to win this, so go out and play for yourself!
05/25/2009 | 04:34 PM
my stream slices at least 30 seconds but i see him it's the main. and this break can be main in the second set hold on serve Roger, beauty drop again and the 2nd'll also be Roger's!!!! and this drop again beautiful one. now the set's going to be Roger's,
05/25/2009 | 04:33 PM
the secod set now for roger