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Roger books last four spot

03.06.2009 | Tennis

Roger is only two more wins away from completing a career Grand Slam! He eased past France's Gaël Monfils in straight sets 7-6(6), 6-2 and 6-4 this afternoon to advance to the semifinals of the French Open.


"I was very nervous as I had not felt too well during the past matches and had not hit the ball that well. But this time it went well right from the start," Roger said and added: "I hope to play two more matches here."


Our champ was in control of his serve throughout the entire match and capitalised on the errors of Monfils to secure the victory. He placed just 57 percent of his first serves in play but won 80 percent of those offerings and never had his serve broken. In comparison Monfils’ serve was broke by Roger on three of five opportunities.

Roger did have to save a set point in the first-set tiebreak before clinching it 8-6. He then marched on with a double break in the second and a last break in the ninth game in the third set which eventually brought him one more step closer to the only Grand Slam title missing in his collection.


Roger will play his fifth consecutive semi-final at the French Open against either Juan Martin del Potro or Tommy Robredo on Friday.

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06/06/2009 | 12:37 AM
I´m very happy for Roger´s victory, but i´m also very sad. Many of his "Fans" here in this site, shoud go to the Forum to sign The Pledge of Loyalty " one million times.
The thread It´s open, so you are kindly invited
06/05/2009 | 11:55 PM
all this is nothing

If you lose the final, all these matches you won are nothing.

The title is what's important.

All will forget who was the finalist.

Everyone only remembers who won the title.

It is your Roger, so fight for it.

06/05/2009 | 11:55 PM
congratulation sweetyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
keeeeeeeeeeeep on and hope to do it
love you soooooooooooo mush
with my best wishes and goooooooooooooood luck ;)
06/05/2009 | 11:42 PM
I will be thinking of you every minute until the final is over on Sunday and I watch you lift the winner's trophy and enjoy the victorious accomplishment that is yours. God bless you!
06/05/2009 | 11:41 PM
Dear Roger :

CONGRATULATIONS , You keep us all under stress all the match but you did it in the end . You won the match , You deserve it . You are in the final now , only one match for the Champion Ship . Keep going on & always forwarrd , you can do it
06/05/2009 | 11:40 PM
Did you need three sets to warm up??

How come you looked more energetic towards the end of the match??

You are simply the best.

You are fantastic.

Even when I go to all major matches you lost, you were amaizing ,but lacked a little luck.

06/05/2009 | 11:35 PM

Marco (Taranto, Italy)
06/05/2009 | 11:17 PM
Mitz P.72
You are absolutely right !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
All my Love
06/05/2009 | 11:14 PM
Stay focused Roger! Dont uderestimate him, just play your best Sunday, dont loose your concentration, maybe try to meditate a little before the match. GOOD LUCK! I sure will be watching, and if needed, may try to send some positive energy... now go and L
06/05/2009 | 11:13 PM
Dear Roger,
You made me suffer a lot of times but you finally won it!
Come on! You reach the final again, fight until the end 'cause
Soderling is playing very well here.
So, stay calm but focus please and sure you can win the
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