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Gerry Weber Open, Halle

09.06.2009 | Tennis

Dear fans


I am sorry to announce that I have decided to withdraw from this week's Gerry Weber Open in Halle, Germany.


I sincerely apologize to the tournament organizers, my competitors, and my fans in Germany. I only hope they will understand that I still feel emotionally overwhelmed and exhausted by the incredible events of the past few days. It is hard for me to admit, but I simply cannot imagine giving my best effort in another tournament right away and I don't want to risk injury if I am not 100% prepared. I need to rest and recuperate.


I look forward to returning to Halle in 2010 to go for my sixth title. It is one of my favorite events on the ATP World Tour.


I also want to thank all of you for your unbelievable support these past two weeks. You are the best, and you helped me make a dream come true.



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06/13/2009 | 07:23 AM
its okkk
by the way take care of mirka
and my suggesion to name you child is

if boy- rom( its a mix of roge and mirka)
if gal then romi
06/13/2009 | 06:29 AM
We miss you here... Still want to see u in action in Wimbledon.. take rest.. Best wishes
06/13/2009 | 06:21 AM
All the best roger...
U r gonna conquer grass slam again...
06/13/2009 | 05:04 AM
It's ok Roger. But i hope to see you at the best performance in Wimbledon... We support you!!!! Thanks Roger!!!
06/13/2009 | 02:13 AM
Hi Roger,

Good decision. We will see you in Wimbledon.
Take care!

06/13/2009 | 01:59 AM
Good decision rog. Rest up well mate...can't wait to see the king of grass get back to work at wimbledon and claim back his crown
06/13/2009 | 12:14 AM
the best decision, roger. I think you have to play only grand slam tournments. and only a question,
are you interested in contemporary art, present days its open art basel n. 40!!! which are your preferit artists?
thank you riger
06/13/2009 | 12:07 AM

Good decision Roger!

I'm stil so happy after your FO win!!!
THANK YOU for all great moments you give all of us.

Take your so deserved time. Rest well (we, your fans, need a little rest too).
Have a nice time with Mirka, your family and friends.
06/12/2009 | 11:20 PM
We really apreciate this Roger, and again congrats! U made ur dream come true and ours too! I wanted so bad u to win RG!!!
I hope u also win Wimblendon!
U can do it!
Lots of love!
06/12/2009 | 10:03 PM
Roger, you'll always have our support!!! Man, count on us for everything!!!
Take a rest, dearest champion, and get ready for another important step you'll take: Wimbledon!
Roger, I simply got no words to say... I'm really, reaaaallyyy happy for you!!! I