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Roger qualifies for Masters

12.06.2009 | Tennis

Roger has already booked his spot for the ATP World Tour Finals at the end of the year. 2009 is the first time that London will host the tournament with the best eight players of the season (November 22 to 29).


Roger’s title in Roland Garros has secured him a place at the World Tour Finals, a tournament that means a whole lot to him. He has clinched the title four times so far (2003, 2004, 2006 and 2007) in a total of seven participations, losing to David Nalbandian in the finals in 2005. Rafael Nadal is the other player to have qualified for the Finals so far.

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06/17/2009 | 09:33 PM
congratulations Jamiechin for this beautiful poem - (p 34)
06/17/2009 | 09:05 PM
I love the green, for grass. Green is for money too, think of all you'll win once you win wimbledon in a couple weeks :)
06/17/2009 | 08:48 PM
****norinchi, your intentions are good

Roger is good too,so is his Website
and so should be our words (critics are OK but what are humiliations for?)
06/17/2009 | 08:35 PM
Hi Roger Federer

Today I received a mail from you, that feels SO COOL!!!!
well, I know, it has to do with ATP World Tour FAN CREDENTIAL, but your name is the sender and the surprise is nice,
especially the beginning "Dear Monica" and the end "Best wi
06/17/2009 | 08:18 PM
Best background colour in the site of the world's best player!
06/17/2009 | 08:17 PM
Hi Roger, my bestwishes to you for your WIMBLEDON!
06/17/2009 | 07:40 PM
In ancient history people have been writing epic poems about and odes to their great hero’s. I find it wonderful to see that this tradition is still so much alive. On the Forum there have been other fans following that same wonderful tradition - like ***J
06/17/2009 | 07:38 PM
Thank you very much ... I'm enjoying it already! And I also agree that, although I dislike Murray, Roger will deal with him in his own way.
06/17/2009 | 07:34 PM
**DutchLady** pg 34
I agree with you wholeheartedly. We should only focus on Roger. No need to put his opponents (AM) down, Roger will deal with them(him) in his own way.

**Jamiechin** pg 34
What a beautiful poem. I'm impressed.

**Emerina** pg 3
06/17/2009 | 07:29 PM
Dear kuetschuek I´m not looking for quantity over quality. That is not my intention at all !!!!!!!!!
I have this idea as a present to Roger before Wimbledom. No more no less.
Of course that number and certainly more will come eventually, no doubts.