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Record seventh straight Wimbledon final!

03.07.2009 | Tennis

Roger is just one more win away from making tennis history! He advanced to his record seventh straight Wimbledon final today, defeating Tommy Haas 7-6(3), 7-5, 6-3.


"I'm very happy with my performance and it's unbelievable to back into another Wimbledon final," Roger said. "I've had a lot of pressure over all the years, so this is just another great match, great opportunity for me to get into the history books."


Tommy Haas held the pace during the two-plus hour match, but Roger was simply superior. A victory in Sunday's final would give our champ his unprecedented 15th Grand Slam title, which would break a tie with Hall of Famer Pete Sampras. Roger said he would be happy if Pete came to Wimbledon to watch him try to break his record. "He might come around, he might not. It's his choice. I'd love to see him because he's a good friend of mine. Very honored of course that I share the record of 14 with him."


If Roger wins, he will be the third player to win six or more Wimbledon titles. William Renshaw and Sampras both won seven. He will face Great Britain's Andy Murray or American Andy Roddick on Sunday.

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07/05/2009 | 08:50 PM
I didn't know that Federer was able to win that second set tie-breaker after being down 2-6!!! I couldn't watch it because I was so so nervous. That is simply amazing that he didn't lose his nerve. All Roddick needed was that one little point there. W
07/05/2009 | 08:43 PM
What an incredible match!!!! How even was it - that was simply the most difficult and close match I have ever watch. I have to admit that I thought Andy was going to be the one to break Roger finally through his sheer force of energy and because Roger ha
07/05/2009 | 08:27 PM


C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S dear Roger!!!

Unfogattable match! Roddick played so well today , but you....

6th Wimbledon titel, 15th GS titel, No. 1 ranking
07/05/2009 | 08:09 PM
Roger It has been very excinting and difficult at the same time to see the game today. In my heart I knew you would win but Roddick has played really great and fought until the final. I think you have received the strength that all of us, your friends, we
07/05/2009 | 08:03 PM
***Trinimum,127 Roger simply showed Andy that the saying the 3rd time is the chance wasn't the case today. clearly Andy was the better player today but Roger's finesse, experiences in the finals and belief pulled him through. He got a break chance when he
07/05/2009 | 08:01 PM
...And you did it, man! Now you're number one in the world, Roger! Again, and always number one in your fans' heart!
07/05/2009 | 08:00 PM
you're miracle.
07/05/2009 | 08:00 PM
Dear Roger
I´m so proud of you !!!!!!!!!!
Congratulations !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A few words for now. I´m speechless !!!!!
I told you, everything It´s writtem, and justice have been done !!!!!!!!!!!!!
You are the greatest ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!
07/05/2009 | 07:59 PM
All hail King Roger XV!
07/05/2009 | 07:58 PM
(: Ich gratuliere Dir, Roger. nur wie das länger!
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