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Roger makes history!

05.07.2009 | Tennis

In a dramatic encounter that lasted over four hours Roger made history today! He defeated Andy Roddick to land a record-breaking 15th Grand Slam title in a thrilling final in Wimbledon, winning 5-7 7-6 (8-6) 7-6 (7-5) 3-6 and 16-14.

His words after the amazing success were: "It's not one of those goals you set as a young boy. It feels amazing. I don't play tennis to break records, but this is a great one to have." Roger is the first tennis professional ever to have reached the mark of 15 Grand-Slam titles as he broke Pete Sampras' record. Pete followed the epic match in the

stadium today.

It was a hard piece of work for Roger as Andy Roddick pressured him with his strong serve. The two stretched the match all the way and played the longest set in tennis history! Roger was the happy winner today, with Andy surrendering a good loser.

And now Roger regains the world number 1 spot after his glorious victory - way to go!

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07/30/2009 | 03:48 PM
Additional lines I'd like to quote from the article written by XENO FREAK on bleacherreport.com are :

#2 ............The biggest logical flaw lies in the ignorance of the fact that reaching a final is better than falling before it (reverse this: not re
07/30/2009 | 03:43 PM
Some of the lines I'd like to quote from the article written by XENO FREAK on bleacherreport.com are :

#1..............I should begin with the propaganda machine generated and fueled by Raymond Lee, a reputed tennis historian and analyst, despite his
07/30/2009 | 03:23 PM
Roger,you are still the world No.1!You are the greatest player in the history!
07/30/2009 | 05:25 AM
I just read an article on H2H vs GOAT analysis. If you guys like to read


07/30/2009 | 04:25 AM
Congratulation Roger :)
07/30/2009 | 04:25 AM
Congratulation Roger :)
07/30/2009 | 04:24 AM
Congratulation Roger :)
07/28/2009 | 08:23 PM

So graceful comment!! I like it so much ! Thats what my true opinion also.

In face H2H against Nadal doesn't really matter too much in reality. It was completely out of my mind and I even didn't realize that Roger is five years younger.
07/28/2009 | 05:07 PM
I can't believe it hasn't been a month since you broke Pete Sampras' record and regained your No. 1 spot, and now you the father of lovely twin babies, Charlene and Myla. Good for you! You will always be a good role model, and I know you will always be
07/27/2009 | 10:10 AM
Congratulation Roger! :)
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