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Roger makes history!

05.07.2009 | Tennis

In a dramatic encounter that lasted over four hours Roger made history today! He defeated Andy Roddick to land a record-breaking 15th Grand Slam title in a thrilling final in Wimbledon, winning 5-7 7-6 (8-6) 7-6 (7-5) 3-6 and 16-14.

His words after the amazing success were: "It's not one of those goals you set as a young boy. It feels amazing. I don't play tennis to break records, but this is a great one to have." Roger is the first tennis professional ever to have reached the mark of 15 Grand-Slam titles as he broke Pete Sampras' record. Pete followed the epic match in the

stadium today.

It was a hard piece of work for Roger as Andy Roddick pressured him with his strong serve. The two stretched the match all the way and played the longest set in tennis history! Roger was the happy winner today, with Andy surrendering a good loser.

And now Roger regains the world number 1 spot after his glorious victory - way to go!

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07/24/2009 | 09:09 AM
07/24/2009 | 08:40 AM
You have written most of the things that I wanted to express as well. 21 consecutive GS semifinal would have hardly drawn attention had Nadal not faltered in the consecutive fifth RG championship. Everybody in the press was talking so much of N
07/23/2009 | 03:36 PM
Roger,please keep moving.
You are the best.Come on!
07/23/2009 | 06:55 AM
Of course and i agree with all fans!They are true and they have perfect analysis!You are the best Roger,keep this good form!!!GEORGE
07/23/2009 | 06:52 AM
to .. nochweiterroger .. P157

Dear Friend

Federer can not make a similar equation between his personal life and his game, he must concentrate on one of them, it does not mean that Federer must omit his life to be No.1 or to be the winner in every
07/23/2009 | 03:11 AM
Dear Julian !!!!!!!!!!!!
You are back !!!!!!!!!!
It´s nice to read your post again.
You are always positive !!!!!!!!!!!
All my love
07/23/2009 | 02:54 AM
To Himalaya on page 156,

I agree totally with you.

In Rod Laver's time there are less competitors than now.
If Nadal (the best-ever player on clay) don't exist, Roger won 5 french open titles.

Rod Laver's time the 4 grand slams are played 3 tim
07/22/2009 | 10:12 PM
Himalaya (and others), I also think that Roger is the best player ever, but I also think that he has to win some more grand slams with Nadal in the draw (preferably against Nadal) to be undisputed the best ever.There still could be some doubts, because Ro
07/22/2009 | 09:23 PM
Hello Guys, Hola Norinchi!! Dinora bonita

As some of you are saying **Himalaya for example** I also think Roger is the best player...

After Roger made this historic record. I "would like" Roger to do more...

*A higer GS titles record
**The most
07/22/2009 | 06:48 PM
** TOM_GO**
I'm sure your calculations are accurate, but don't let's put too much pressure on Roger to a) stay at no1 and b) win US open.
His and Mirka's child will be born very shortly and I do not quite see how he can expect to play at Mo