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Birthday wishes

08.08.2009 | Off Court

Dear Fans  


The lucky numbers are here again: 8.8.! It’s great to be celebrating my birthday, especially now as my family has grown and there are so many precious moments we can share. There’s quite some celebrating to be done over these weeks of the year!  


I must admit that I am quite simply overwhelmed by all the letters, postcards, presents and personal greetings that I have received from all of you. I would like to thank you so much for your support. It is fantastic to be given so much from all the corners of the world and being able to see what a close community we have become over these years. Wonderful!  


Kind regards,


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08/17/2009 | 07:10 AM
Belated birthday greetings! looking forward to you playing at Flushing Meadows! Keep yourself firm and grounded! We're all behind you cheering you on, whatever happens:-D God bless Mr. Federer!
08/17/2009 | 05:46 AM
Happy Birthday Roger!!
I hope you had an awesome day celebrating with your family and friends!
08/17/2009 | 02:56 AM
08/17/2009 | 02:46 AM

08/17/2009 | 01:19 AM
I'm back from 2 great weeks in holidays:)
So, even late, I'm wishing you a great birthday (I could have let my wishes before going on holidays, but I remember when I was a kid my grandmother kept telling that wishing someone happy birthday before it come
08/16/2009 | 07:50 PM
I am sorry ,i was late ,but i want to say happy birthday ,give you all my luck.my english is not very good.best wishes to you.

love you forever
08/16/2009 | 02:06 PM
Er,the belated greeting!
08/16/2009 | 01:11 PM
St. Rogers` day!
08/16/2009 | 06:17 AM
Happy B-day!!!!!!!! All my good wishes to you!!! I hope you had a great they with your little girls and Mirka and all your family!! =) Xoxo

P.S: Sorry about my english :P
08/16/2009 | 04:44 AM
Happy Birthday Roger.Good luck Cincinanti master and Us open
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