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Monday's final: Roger vs. del Potro

14.09.2009 | Tennis

Roger will face Juan Martin del Potro in Monday's US Open final after beating Novak Djokovic in straight sets 7-6(3), 7-5, 7-5.


It is the third year running that Roger has beaten Djokovic in New York as he is now only one last step away from his sixth consecutive title! No one has won six U.S. titles in a row since Bill Tilden in the 1920s and no player has captured three Slams in a row in the same year since Rod Laver's 1969 Grand Slam sweep.


The most amazing moment of the semi-final was clearly Roger's forehand hit between the legs which he swatted past an amazed Djokovic into the empty part of the court. "I practice them a lot actually but they never work," Roger said. "That's why I guess it was the greatest shot I ever hit in my life." Having seen a TV replay himself, he commented "That's unbelievable!" His magical shot brought up a match point for Roger. Novak Djokovic did have his chances throughout the match, but was unable to seize them. So Roger took advantage and made everyting clear after 2 hours 34 minutes.


Monday's final will bring Roger's seventh career meeting with Del Potro, our champ having won their previous six meetings.

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09/15/2009 | 03:07 AM
rog, it was a great match and you did great..even if you did not win...You are still the best in the world and everyone know it..Mst of all, you are a class example of good sportsmanship...what else could one ask for but a good name? Of that, your childre
09/15/2009 | 03:05 AM
never mind. hard luck but you r still the best and no. 1. we love to c u again n again.
09/15/2009 | 03:04 AM
its ok roger.....u played well...u hd 2 lose sumday...
bt d best part f our champ s dat hes alwayz graceful in defeat!!!!!!n v r crazt fans f urs...wll never stop supportin u even f u lose in d 1rst round...
like u reclaimed ur wimbledon title did years
09/15/2009 | 03:03 AM
you're the best tennis player who's played and 'll ever play. i'd have really liked to see you win i admit, i don't deny. but've won big tournaments this year RG included and you'll win uncountable many more tournaments gs-s too. tonight it happened this
09/15/2009 | 03:03 AM

Good job on yet another exciting match! It was sad to watch you lose but Juan Martin played so well. You're still #1 and you'll have several more opporutnities to set higher records.
09/15/2009 | 03:02 AM
Well, that was a choke.
09/15/2009 | 03:02 AM
It was tough to see you lost Del Potro, but I still love you, do not think 16 too much, I am sure you can get it next year.
Thanks for the wonderful tournament you played in past two weeks.
09/15/2009 | 03:01 AM
09/15/2009 | 03:00 AM
Roger, nevermind. You did your best, as you always do. I don't have doubts about it. And it was the way it has to be.

This just wasn't your day. We all have those types of days when you feel like everything just don't go the way it has to.
And this is
09/15/2009 | 02:59 AM


You lost today, but IT WAS GREAT MATCH and GREAT TOURNAMENT!!! YOU DESREVED this VICTORY, but Del Potro was so strong! You both played so well, but the winner can be only one.
UNFORTUNATELY today it was not you!
NEXT time ROGER, for su
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