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Roger has to pass on his US Open crown

15.09.2009 | Tennis

Roger was not able to extend his collection of Grand Slam titles to 16 today. He was defeated by Juan Martin del Potro in the final of the U.S. Open 6-3, 6-7(5), 6-4, 6-7(5), 2-6.


In warm but slightly windy conditions, Roger started perfectly. At 5-4 and 30-0 in the second set, he was just two points away from a two sets to love lead. But the Argentinian suddenly stepped it up and after getting back to 30-30, he ripped a brilliant forehand pass down the line to set up a break point. The ball was initially called wide but always looked good with the naked eye and Hawk-Eye agreed as Del Potro won the challenge. Roger did not agree at all as he had seen the ball land next to the line. Roger started having more and more problems with his service and wasn't able to use this weapon in critical moments, cumulating a total of 11 double faults. Del Potro played a strong match, probably returning better than the players that had challenged Roger in the previous rounds. Del Potro was allowed a challenge after both players were near their seats in the third set, much to Roger's dislike. Our champ came out firing after that, but unfortunately wasn't able to keep it up. After claiming the third set, del Potro won a tiebreaker in the fourth and broke Roger in the second game of the fifth set.


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09/16/2009 | 06:26 PM
I completely agree with your analysis! You are absolutely right. But I can't forget this match, I am so dissapointed and so sorry for Roger, 'cause I wanted him to raise this GS trophy. It is not easy to achieve to get to the final of any GS
09/16/2009 | 05:06 PM
Roger your the best. its only one match so just move on you'll beat him love and love in london and everything else
slan agus go raibh maith agat :) (:
09/16/2009 | 05:04 PM
no probs roger ...........u r always the king of tennis........ good luck for the rest of the season!!!!!!!!!
09/16/2009 | 04:59 PM
Dear Roger,
What a crazy match you played against Del Potro. Man you were brilliant in the first set and most of the second.
I hope you didn't have any nightmares of that serving game at 5-4 (30-0)in the 2nd set.
Such a pity , but great in acceptance a
09/16/2009 | 04:33 PM
.first of all I want to congratulate you Roger my favorite sportsman of all time for the very great season your just simply the best, sensational and unbeliveable.!.
.for me it's not the records you break that earns you the right to be called the Greates
09/16/2009 | 03:53 PM
Dear Roger, it's still a good match, although the result is not in your and our favour. Every now and then, there will always be new chap joining in the contention for slam titles. I am happy that you are still the ONE being challenge. I feel so proud of
09/16/2009 | 03:47 PM
No problem, Rog.
You're the no.1 and the best player of all time.
Stay healthy for the rest of the season.
09/16/2009 | 03:31 PM

No worries. As you said, it would have been a "dream" to have won six US Opens, but five in a row is still unbelieveable. Just as at Wimbledon in 2008, a player has had to produce their very best to take your title away - and like at
09/16/2009 | 03:23 PM
hi roger,
we loved you, still do and always will.. :)
09/16/2009 | 03:22 PM
hi roger,
we loved you, still do and always will.. :)