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Wilson Tribute Video Contest

18.09.2009 | Off Court

To celebrate Roger's triumph of owning the most Grand Slams in tennis history, Wilson asked fans to pay tribute to the all time-great in the Roger Federer Tribute Video Contest.


There was a great response with thousands participating. Wilson is proud to announce the winner of the Roger Federer autographed Wilson [K]Six-One Tour racket is Celine Lostracco from Texas.


It was a family event as Celine submitted a video of her brother Paul’s artwork and the music was created by Celine’s son Patrick. Paul Lefebvre said of his original Roger Federer paintings, “Roger Federer’s artistry, natural elegance on and off the court was my inspiration. His sense of sportsmanship, fair play, genuine kindness and generosity on all levels is what I admire most in a champion.” When asked about the video, Celine said, “Our family loves tennis and I thought it would be great to share Paul’s art that pays tribute to our favorite player, Roger!”


Thank you to everyone who participated in the contest. Congratulations to Celine Lostracco!!



To view the video please click the link below.


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10/16/2009 | 05:50 AM
I like te Artist's tribute to the Artist! Well done, those sketches, or paintings. I like them, as they show Roger in different ways: in motion, from profile, head on, and so on. Altogether, taken as a whole, if you filter it through your mind, Roger does
10/05/2009 | 08:21 PM
great video!!
10/01/2009 | 04:11 PM
Nice video! Congratulations to the winner!
09/24/2009 | 05:06 PM
Fantastic portraits by Paul - you really caught Roger's expressions and body language so well!
09/23/2009 | 01:30 AM
Hey Celine!!!

Well done!!!!
09/22/2009 | 05:01 AM
Very nice!
09/21/2009 | 11:14 PM
Lucky you!
09/21/2009 | 08:04 PM
Me encanta este tributo eres el mejor de los mejores
09/21/2009 | 04:19 PM
congratulations to celine and congratulations to you for the inspiration to celine and to all of us for having positive thoughts for tennins '' thanks to you''
09/21/2009 | 08:09 AM
Congrats to Celine and her family.
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