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Roger and Wilson

06.10.2009 | Off Court

This year, Roger used his Wilson [K]Six-One Tour racket to cement his place in tennis history and 2010 has the potential to be even more extraordinary.


Take a look at the new video by Wilson to get a little hint to what’s neXt from Roger and Wilson in 2010!


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10/29/2009 | 10:11 PM
yes, he will play then, at about 18:30
10/29/2009 | 01:09 PM
Hi dear Roger Federer Fans. Just want to say that it makes me so happy to read all your marvellous comments. This makes it easier to wait for next matches with Rod'j. Tennis is so sad without him.
See you on Monday Roger !!
10/29/2009 | 12:32 PM
For anyone interested in Roger's comments on Agassi, there is a brief ideo of him on www.blick.ch Sadly for me it is in German - any ranslations would be appreciated.
10/29/2009 | 09:56 AM
Agassi didn't cheat - he took a recreational drug. That he then lied about it is the worst bit.
However, I do not know why you compare this with 'gay group sex on tour'.
This is homophobic. Why shouldn't a player have gay gro
10/29/2009 | 12:14 AM
This news can be seen on :


plus espn.com and many other sports websites
10/29/2009 | 12:12 AM
Get a load of this :

Andre Agassi admits in his new book that he was taking crystal meth during 1997 , and lied to the ATP.

I wish they would strip him of all his GS titles , and then he has the audacity to say that Roger's and Rafa's days are over
10/28/2009 | 10:42 PM
****kuetschuek, some fans are posting that Roger will play Monday after the opening ceremony.....
I don´t know about it.
Could you confirm this?
10/28/2009 | 10:01 PM
hey fans,
Im watching the williams in doha via eurosport,during the advert theyve shown ROGER as he was suppose to play in his hometown in basel and eurosport will cover it..
I cant HELP screaming when i saw his face!!|I missed HIM so much and cant wait
10/28/2009 | 09:44 PM

just 5 days till RF's 1st appearance in Basel.

Thanks for your nice wishes, I'll try to report what I see, especially about the opening day.
I never heard anything else after they(?) reported they would renew and rena
10/28/2009 | 05:29 PM
Roger, Roger, where are you?
We need to see you before that Basel start.
Some pic of you ,practising in Basel would be great !!!!!!!!!!
Please Roger, you can make our day happier.

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