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Credit Suisse and Roger Federer enter long-term partnership

16.11.2009 | Off Court

Credit Suisse today announced a long-term partnership agreement with Roger Federer. The world’s top tennis player, Roger Federer has won 15 Grand Slam titles and 61 singles tournaments. In an exclusive video interview, Roger Federer discusses the importance of teamwork in his sport and what drives him to achieve excellence.


As part of the partnership agreement, Credit Suisse will make a significant annual contribution to the Roger Federer Foundation, which is dedicated to helping disadvantaged children and to promoting education, sports and play, particularly in Africa. This commitment underscores the importance of corporate citizenship to both Roger Federer and to Credit Suisse.


Brady Dougan, Chief Executive Officer of Credit Suisse Group, said: “Credit Suisse is delighted and proud to be associating ourselves closely with Roger Federer – one of the greatest tennis players of all time, known and admired worldwide. Our decision to enter into a long-term partnership is driven by the fact that Roger represents the values that we embrace as a bank. He has a passion for excellence and is a great player. He has achieved this through a combination of hard work and determination. He brings all of his talent to bear in his play and raises the level of his game to meet the challenge in even the most trying of circumstances. At the same time he sets an example for responsible conduct both on and off the court. We also particularly share his passion for giving back to the community through his sponsoring of educational initiatives and look forward to supporting his charitable foundation.”


Roger Federer said: "I am excited about this opportunity to act as a global ambassador for Credit Suisse. They have been an important and trusted banking partner with me for a long time and I admire their passion for excellence. I also value Credit Suisse's substantial support for my foundation. I look forward to our ongoing partnership and helping make a contribution to the bank's continued success."

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11/29/2009 | 01:32 AM
If it's doing the Foundation good, who am I to crisitise?? But Credite Suisse say Roger is ONE of the best??? Surely THE BEST OF ALL TIME??15 after all... C'mon Credite Suisse, stop being coy... Do you quite realise the all time greatest you've got as a
11/27/2009 | 07:38 PM
congrats federer
11/26/2009 | 11:17 PM
You are a star Roger!
11/21/2009 | 08:17 PM
good luck sweety do it in london please
11/21/2009 | 06:05 PM
Dear Roger,

After Lindt, congratulations on another great partnership. Credit Suisse like Lindt, have made an excellent choice. The words of their CEO, Brady Dougan concerning you are so appropriate. I am so pleased that the organisation is also sup
11/21/2009 | 10:26 AM
Great partnership!
11/20/2009 | 08:39 PM
you are great Roger
you deserve the best
11/20/2009 | 06:21 PM
Good Luck Roger
11/20/2009 | 04:07 PM
Hi Roger,

I saw your picture in today's Financial Times associated with Credit Suisse. The best known and most loved Swiss is finally connected to a well known Swiss global firm, not to mention Roger's own family is global, a swiss father, South Africa
11/20/2009 | 11:29 AM
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