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Roger stunned by Davydenko

28.11.2009 | Tennis

Roger suffered a 2-6, 6-4, 5-7 defeat to Nikolay Davydenko in today's semi-final at the ATP World Tour Finals.


Roger had never lost against the Russian in their 12 previous matches. But number 13 proved unlucky for our champ today. After having won the title at the Finals four times in five attempts between 2003 and 2007, his quest was stopped in the semi-final this year.


Davydenko produced a strong performance, taking a fast lead in the first set, breaking Roger's serve twice in the first five games, as Roger struggled to find his best form. But our number one recovered in the second set to level the match and take it into a decider. Tied at 5-5 in the final set, the Russian managed to hold Roger's high level and scored a break in the very last moment. Roger came close in the last game when he fought back to 30:30 from 0:30, but Davydenko eventually battled through his final service game to win the match.

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12/02/2009 | 12:23 AM
*returnoftheking*Thank you for your courage. I also thank you very much because you made me laugh continuously for nonstop 15 minutes with your cute comments as regards the Lindt chocolate and the frying pan that Federer prefers to play with . Those swee
12/02/2009 | 12:12 AM
dear roger,
feel bad for not going into final but its ok!!hope you come back stronger for 2010..
i dont read bad critics against you ROGER bec i still believe you CAN DO IT again!!!youre my CHAMP AND IDOL for the rest of my life!!!

have a restful bre
12/02/2009 | 12:07 AM
Davydenko that little player ,not so muscular, not so tall, defeated everybody ; Nadal, Djokovich, acromegalic DelPotro, and Federer. He is stronger than all the rest, why because simply he does not surrender. If he lose a point, he blames himself quietly
12/02/2009 | 12:02 AM

12/01/2009 | 11:18 PM
*mooncrown* you're talking wise. The idea is that we love him and to keep that love , he must be our hero. In his early beginnings, R F has broken many raquets , used to yell and cry loudly, had the utmost motives to win a point, not a match. Now i see hi
12/01/2009 | 10:32 PM
Roger is playing relaxed, and does not seem to mind losing, even to the likes of Benneteau and Davydenko.

The problem is, he is doing that, as well as still losing to top competitors like Del P and Djoke.

While it is true that Roger has already mad
12/01/2009 | 10:16 PM
*ghorghor* - I 100% agree with you. We love Roger as much as the sweet talkers. We are not talking about this one match against Davydenko. As you had mentioned - starting the US Open - losing to all mediocre players and not an iota of regret.. that is wha
12/01/2009 | 08:21 PM
I agree with one of the posts on p.33 that Roger should learn from Davydenko. The Russian is the smallest guy on the tour and he doesn't have a killer shot. But he is very dedicated, very focused and very fast. As matter of fact, he respects Roger more th
12/01/2009 | 07:45 PM
Very ridiculous to talk about Roger 'getting old' and past his prime when the winner of the ATP Masters Final Davydenko happens to be.....the same age as Roger. Davydenko played a great all-round game beating players ranked higher than he was. It was hi
12/01/2009 | 07:40 PM
All fans here love R Federer, this is the common trait between us. Those who criticize him do it for his own favour. It's not logic that he keeps on stumblin and we tell him Bravo, we want more :No matter how long you loose, we love you!! This is a propos