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USSA Athlete of the Year

02.12.2009 | Off Court

It is that time again – the United States Sports Academy is looking for the Athlete of the Year 2009. They honour the accomplishments of men and women in sports around the world. The election runs from now until Christmas Eve (December 24).


But of course, Roger once again faces strong competition:


Craig Alexander (triathlon); Usain Bolt (running); Drew Brees (football); Kobe Bryant, (basketball); Angel Cabrera (golf); Santonio Holmes (football); LeBron James (basketball); Jimmie Johnson (auto racing); Manny Pacquiao (boxing); Albert Pujols, (baseball) and Tiger Woods (golf).


If you want to vote for Roger, please follow this link. After not making it last year, it is now time to capture the title!


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12/18/2009 | 10:55 PM
undoubtedly congratulate you for this!and vote for you obviously! 're the best for me,for all your fans,(and myself included)and the world!I wish you luck!greetings to your falily!I hope you understand what I meant,I do not speak english!
12/18/2009 | 03:13 PM
it is tough but roger is toffer than the toughest.he proved it so many times......
12/18/2009 | 12:27 AM
My dear dear Roger,

I vote for you every day at least 10 times, and you really really deserve it this year! Your the greatest athlete ever to live, in history and will ever live! As for your competition sweetheart, I really wouldn't worry about anyo
12/17/2009 | 12:09 PM
Roger is the best Athlete, no doubt. We vote for him!!!
12/17/2009 | 11:25 AM
Roger you deserve this more than anyone not only for all your on court achievements but for all that you have contributed off court. You are always the gentleman, such a good sport always. That is why the whole world loves and admires you.
12/16/2009 | 10:42 PM
i hope you win this year. you do deserve it....
12/16/2009 | 05:13 PM
Of course Roger is the undisputed king of tennis. The problem I see with these nominations is that they are dominated by far by Americans who are more than likely to win. I've voted Roger #1 because he deserves it more than the others. GO GO GO ROGER!!!
12/16/2009 | 09:44 AM
Good thing we are given three chances to vote. If not, I would have voted only for the Pacman. Filipino first, of course.

Good luck, Roger!
12/16/2009 | 03:40 AM
Eres grande y te mereces ese premio y muchos mas, como deportista y como persona.

Es tu admiradora de venezuela, que te quiere mucho a ti y a tu familia. Gracias por existir y ser tan grande
12/15/2009 | 04:44 AM
I have voted for you dear. Hope this year you win it. All the best dear. TAke care and missing you....
Warm regards from Bhutan to you n your family.
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