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Birthday books 2009

07.12.2009 | Off Court

Roger just received his birthday book for 2009 - for his 28th birthday. It is actually a series of four books with 200 pages each, covering all sorts of aspects of Roger's life over the past 12 months.


The birthday book is an initiative by Silvy from Argentina. She coordinates the collection of content and designs the books which are then printed here in Switzerland. An entire group of fans contributed to the project with texts and images, putting together a broad collection of photos, art, media clippings, fan-reports and texts that cover an incredibly vast variety of topics from all over the world.


Roger received the books straight from the printers last week: "This is a very special present. The collection is a precious album as it contains a whole series of articles, images and creative content that I have never seen before. Such a lot of people from so many countries have worked on this project - thank you very much to Silvy and all of you! It is great fun to see my life from so many different angles; it will be an amazing book to be looking back at one day."



Please note that these books are a personal present for Roger and are not for sale or available in any other way.

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12/10/2009 | 12:32 AM
Congratulations to Silvy and to everyone who had contributed to this very special present to Roger! He obviously deserves it and surely all your fans feelings are represented in it! It would be great if we can read it also, if possible. Bests and merry ch
12/10/2009 | 12:19 AM
What a great gift Roger Hope you enjoy it Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas & New Year especially your little girls for their first Christmas Look forward to seeing you next year
12/09/2009 | 11:58 PM
***return... last time I ever write to you (sorry Sylvi & fans)

YOU are wrong, it was not the parliament!!!!
12/09/2009 | 09:28 PM
A great work of Silvy with all fans' contributions!

Roger, you deserve it all.

Love forever,
12/09/2009 | 09:16 PM

are you HAPPY???????????
you seem like unhappy cuz your comments include so much anger and hate.

i guess u should eat swiss chocolate.

it makes me happy

maybe it will help you!!!!!
12/09/2009 | 08:50 PM
well done........
Silvy and all other contributors
dear ROGER,
it is really great to share your fans with ur fantastic moments.
u deserve it and more than that.
enjoy it!!!!!
love and peace in this blessed days to YOU and your family and absolutely
12/09/2009 | 07:28 PM

Your posts are often insulting and offensive to Roger and his fans. You want to boycott all things swiss including Federer? Good! Get lost and don't come back to this site again (paid for by Federer for his true fans to convene). We
12/09/2009 | 06:36 PM
and to **thereturnoftheking** I must add, provided I can afford it, I am and always will be proud to buy any product or service that our Champion endorses.

I want to also add that, eventhough I'm agnostic, I'm totally against targeting people on basis
12/09/2009 | 06:25 PM
Roger I wantna say with you....i realy Love you so much
go go go and gO na
12/09/2009 | 06:14 PM
I was horrified at what I read in these posts today. "returnoftheking": PLEASE, PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF OUR ICON & OUR SPORT DO NOT DRAG POLITICS & RELIGION INTO SUCH NEUTRAL SITE.
ROGER IS THE WORLD'S SON, that's the beauty of the Roger Federer persona.