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Christmas Greetings

22.12.2009 | Off Court

Dear Fans


Happy Holidays from the Federer Family!

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01/11/2010 | 10:15 AM
Gratulálok a babákhoz nagyon arik!I love you this hungary!
01/10/2010 | 07:28 PM
You all look fabulous. Happy New Year to you too.
01/10/2010 | 07:26 PM
we love u roger mirka and myla charlene love u bless u
01/10/2010 | 12:04 PM
Roger! In your honour thought of a cocktail! Under the name "Come on Roger"
01/10/2010 | 11:59 AM
Roger! Come one!!!
01/09/2010 | 10:59 PM
Thanks Roger!!
I wish the same for you ;)
I love you
01/09/2010 | 05:28 PM
Roger.. Looking So cute with new kids..
01/09/2010 | 04:13 PM
The best wishes to you and your family!
Have a great 2010!

You're still the man I admire most in the world: your family, your foundation, your passion for what you love ... my children and I are very proud of you and hope this year will be as big as y
01/09/2010 | 03:31 PM
I would like make love with you from morning to night, and night to morning!I'm sure that would like you also!!!
Thinking about it!
01/09/2010 | 10:19 AM
This pucture is so beautiful.
I wish Happy New Year, sea of smiles and good mood to you.
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