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A very promising start

05.01.2010 | Tennis

Roger opened the ATP season perfecty today, cruising past Christophe Rochus of Belgium 6-1, 6-2.


"I was able to create points," Roger said. "It was good to get on a roll. My movement was explosive. I am happy how I played."


Our champ had 12 aces and 47 winners in the dominating performance. He'll face Evgeny Korolev of Russia on Wednesday.


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01/06/2010 | 10:54 PM
1st win of 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
01/06/2010 | 08:00 PM
Congrats on your victory over Rochus !
All the best for your next match !
01/06/2010 | 07:20 PM
Dear Roger,
Man Oh man!that was some amazing play!You really were on fire!The new racquet has really halped improve your again but then its not the racquet that oes the playing does it?I really do want to come for the Doa open but Doha is simply too far
01/06/2010 | 06:10 PM
He already won Evgeny Korolev!!! ...Wuuu!!! :) Our N° 1 is playing just great!!!

Vamos!!! Sigue asi Mi Federito!!! :)


01/06/2010 | 05:55 PM
Congrates Roger, all the for the coming match.
01/06/2010 | 05:51 PM
great forehand
01/06/2010 | 05:35 PM
Hey Roger it's great to see you won the match and like this please continue the momentum because the competition is very tough so keep on going the winning momentum so all the best

From your die heart fan
01/06/2010 | 05:23 PM
your the best rodg keep doing the good work
01/06/2010 | 05:22 PM
Roger su su na
keepgoing i believe in you na
i love you
01/06/2010 | 05:16 PM
great champ! u rock.......... luv u muahhh
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