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Roger loses semi

08.01.2010 | Tennis

Roger was defeated for the second time in his 14th match against Nikolay Davydenko. He lost 4-6, 4-6 to the Russian in Doha today.


Roger fell back right in the beginning as Davydenko jumped to a 3-0 lead. Our champ did manage a re-break but that was not quite enough to catch up. Roger saw good chances for an early lead with a break in the second set which he unfortunately did not seize. Davydenko scored the break to head the second set 2-1 and eventually win the set as well as the match.


Roger was also defeated in the semi-finals in Doha last year, having played Andy Murray.


Next up is the Australian Open in Melbourne which starts on January 18th.

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01/15/2010 | 02:37 AM
Who cares about the draw?
One by one..... That´s the way it works!
Sorry, but only make sense in spanish....
Go, Roger , go !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

01/14/2010 | 11:36 PM
Tonight, the draw...Let's keep our fingers crossed!
01/14/2010 | 09:38 PM
01/14/2010 | 07:32 PM
The very best of luck, Roger. Do what you have to do, and enjoy the AO and remember, we will enjoy watching you no matter what happens.
Whatever will be, will be....
01/14/2010 | 07:16 PM
Waiting for tears of Joy..31st Jan..
16th Slam would be special..

Your Fans have full Faith in you..
We know you will win!!
And even you know..YOU WILL WIN...

Hoping for amazing weeks ahead..

Go Roger Go!!
01/14/2010 | 07:01 PM
All the best for you in Australia. May the trophy be yours, the best player of all times! I'll wake up through the night to cheer you while you play. Indeed cheers for you from all corners of the world.
Thanks Jameichin for your lovely posts.

01/14/2010 | 05:47 PM
nochweiterroger***Enjoyed your post. You know how diverse Roger's fans are-they are from all over the world and a lot of them don't really understand the ins and outs of tennis but I, like you, would like to see a little more agreement on the fact that Ro
01/14/2010 | 05:39 PM
And another short one before the Australian Open..:)

As we countdown the first Grand Slam of the year,
All our good wishes and luck goes to Roger,
There's never a doubt he's still as hungry as ever,
It'll be just great if he starts off the year with
01/14/2010 | 05:38 PM
Dear Roger,

The series of losses continue & they are going to be more if you don't change the style of your play in 2010

Unfortunately you're not coming up with new skills or ideas into your game & I believe every player knows by heart the way you
01/14/2010 | 05:23 PM
no worries dude!!
v all know that u r a champ & you'll surely win all your upcoming matches.....
i hope u to b perfectly fit for your first grand slam of the year....& all the best!
love you darling....
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