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Roger loses semi

08.01.2010 | Tennis

Roger was defeated for the second time in his 14th match against Nikolay Davydenko. He lost 4-6, 4-6 to the Russian in Doha today.


Roger fell back right in the beginning as Davydenko jumped to a 3-0 lead. Our champ did manage a re-break but that was not quite enough to catch up. Roger saw good chances for an early lead with a break in the second set which he unfortunately did not seize. Davydenko scored the break to head the second set 2-1 and eventually win the set as well as the match.


Roger was also defeated in the semi-finals in Doha last year, having played Andy Murray.


Next up is the Australian Open in Melbourne which starts on January 18th.

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01/14/2010 | 04:42 PM
***nochweiterroger p/27

Thanks, you got what I meant :) It's crazy that we need to give advice to someone who has almost won it all just because he had a bad day or sometimes he did have a good day but it just wasn't good enough on that particular day.
01/14/2010 | 04:37 PM
***shinstyle*** p/27

Hi, don't get me wrong. I am not against fans who might point out his weaknesses in his game on a certain matchday or make comments if he doesn't play well or maybe something just didn't work on that certain day but I am just targ
01/14/2010 | 04:26 PM

Een moedig hart
De controle durven loslaten
Je echte zelf durven zijn
En kiezen wat daarbij hoort
01/14/2010 | 03:58 PM
***shinstyle*** p 27
I agree with you that being positive doesn't mean being blindly positive or in denial. But I'm not sure how much 'advice' helps. I just watched again Roger's match against Haas at Roland Garros last year. Roger was so up and dow
01/14/2010 | 03:16 PM
magie is your faithful fan ,so do i,i love magie
01/14/2010 | 03:13 PM
I think he is tried to avoid facing Nadal before Grand slam. He lost 2 times this year to avoid Rafa. Any Thoughts?
01/14/2010 | 02:58 PM
Remember before AO 07, where he lost to A-Rod @ Kooyong and ended up not losing a single set @ AO...
01/14/2010 | 02:51 PM
This roger .. will be well prepared for the Australia Open, practicing his backhand where players have pointed out his weakness .. but not be ... I believe in you kid ... strength, determination, and claw ... not be intimidated by anybody Roger .. Good lu
01/14/2010 | 02:45 PM
hi i am very sad but doesn't matter because i am sure you will win Australian Open Insha ALLAH and you will get happiness which will be helpful to forget your last year defeat
01/14/2010 | 01:38 PM
Roger see you next week
i miss you
i love you
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