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Roger loses semi

08.01.2010 | Tennis

Roger was defeated for the second time in his 14th match against Nikolay Davydenko. He lost 4-6, 4-6 to the Russian in Doha today.


Roger fell back right in the beginning as Davydenko jumped to a 3-0 lead. Our champ did manage a re-break but that was not quite enough to catch up. Roger saw good chances for an early lead with a break in the second set which he unfortunately did not seize. Davydenko scored the break to head the second set 2-1 and eventually win the set as well as the match.


Roger was also defeated in the semi-finals in Doha last year, having played Andy Murray.


Next up is the Australian Open in Melbourne which starts on January 18th.

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01/13/2010 | 05:03 AM
My dearest Roger,

As much as I want you to win all tournaments, I'd rather you take care of your physical health for the most important event- GS.

Australian Open is just around the conner, I believe you have everything on the peak by now.

All t
01/13/2010 | 01:34 AM
Dear Roger:
It doesn`t matter the last results. You are the best tennis player .... ever!!!!
This was just a preparation for the great Slam in Australia. And you are the best to win it.
Go on and JUST DO IT!!!
01/13/2010 | 01:23 AM
Roger, I know that you have been at the top for a long time, I know that you have new and more important interets (family, wife, daughters, etc) I know that is more difficult to be in the elite every time. But I also know that you are the best tennis play
01/12/2010 | 09:30 PM
you are the king go..........go..goooooooooooooo
01/12/2010 | 08:38 PM

Good work! It is a nice and warm mail for today thinking. I will try it once.

Come On All Roger Fans!! We are here to Support Roger. Yes We suffer, get mad of Angry sometimes if He losses.

But Of course that the majority Get so H
01/12/2010 | 07:51 PM
Hii.!! RF
We expect that you are training so hard for AO.
I was watching your last matches and I believe that you might practice somethings, for example, the serve (angles and force), you are very slow when you beat with backhand and you come back (at
01/12/2010 | 07:35 PM
Hii.. RF
We expect that you are training so hard for AO. I believe you should practice the serve, the angles, also, the concentration at starting each match, you are losing the matches because of that, for instance, against Davydenko. Moreover, you are v
01/12/2010 | 05:07 PM
I Love you Roger
01/12/2010 | 05:06 PM
There are many good reasons why you have held No. 1 for so long, and I as a mere mortal can think of no good reason for that not to continue.

I look forward to the usual excitement in the semi-finals and beyond.

After all 16 is a lovely round number
01/12/2010 | 04:46 PM
Good afternoon Mr. Roger Federer! I write you from Ukraine. I am called by Vladimir, my profession of Barmem. And in Your honour I thought of a cocktail under the name "Come on Roger". His composition: 30 ml - watermelon liquer, 30 ml - creme de coco whit