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Next up: round four

29.03.2010 | Tennis

Roger defeated France's Florent Serra (ATP 61) in a pair of tiebreaks today: 7-6(2), 7-6(3).


Roger displayed some awesome tennis, starting the match well as he raced to a 5-2 lead. But he had to accept a break by his opponent, who managed to level the set at 5-5. As the set went into the tie-break, Roger regained the momentum and spared two points to close it by 7 points to 2. The second set brought an early break in the third game for our maestro, who then consolidated the lead with a double break for 4-1. Serra once again broke Roger to close in the gap, and successfully levelled the set once again at 5-5 with consecutive service breaks. Roger, surprised by the Frenchman's tenacity, failed to grab another break and looked for closure in the tie-break, which progressed as expected, giving Roger a mini-break lead at 3-1. With a lead, he closed the 7-6(2), 7-6(3) match in one hour and 32 minutes of play.


Next up is the winner of the match between Tomas Berdych and Horacio Zeballos.

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03/31/2010 | 07:12 AM
And if anyone thinks Roger takes a MOMENT to read any of our posts, you're delusional. Just an aside, but you know he doesn't have time for this.
03/31/2010 | 07:04 AM
its ok, it happens men!!!

hey rogg, keep dreaming!!!!

you are the best

dont be anxious, we believe in you

we will still federerist for ever

whether you win again or not!

but please roggi keep dreaming!!!!

03/31/2010 | 07:01 AM
I'm devastated. My dreams are shattered. I was going to see you on Friday LIVE. I must have bad karma. What a freak loss for you, Roger. I'm so sad. SO sad. I don't think I'll be able to sleep. I just can't belive it. Just can't believe it. I wi
03/31/2010 | 07:01 AM
You know something Roger? We all know that you are Super and that you are Human but today was not the day for you to be a Superhuman. Every tennis player in the world has to lose now and then and we are just lucky that you don't do it very often. You are
03/31/2010 | 06:52 AM
Roger hit many unbelievably amazing shots. Why normal shots went wrong...?
By the way, I saw him sometimes coughing. Catching a cold? At night, the stadium is really cold.
Take care, and good luck next tournament!
03/31/2010 | 06:51 AM
Don't be sad, Roger. It's completely normal since taller guys always have a physical advantage over the shorter.

Too sharp to be seen and edged out. I know that long ago.

Still, the match seems to be an equal one. How long you did stand in front o
03/31/2010 | 06:41 AM
roger please don't cancel montecarlo .

the ranking ....... and u will not defend any point in it ,so enter and get some points.
03/31/2010 | 06:36 AM
2007 here again in 2010

i hope it's 2007 cause it was a great season .
03/31/2010 | 06:34 AM
take the chances

take the chances

take the chances

match point and the ball in your hand and going to serve ,but neted the ball easly and weakly in the net .... whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ???????

03/31/2010 | 06:32 AM
Don't worry about the results.

Seems like the first set brought the warm up you need -- some stimulation.. a little natural adrenalin.. perk to bring the spring into your step which you sustained excellently throughout the second set.

The second s
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