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First singles victory on clay in 2010

05.05.2010 | Tennis

Roger has successfully mastered his first match of the Estoril Open, celebrating his first victory on clay this year. He defeated Germany's Björn Phau (ATP 138) 6-3, 6-4 in 83 minutes.


"It was a very important match for me today," Roger said, knowing that first rounds can be tricky. He won the Estoril crown in 2008 but skipped last year's event


Roger will now meet Arnaud Clément from France (ATP 83) in the quarter finals. Our champ has won 6 out of their 9 encounters so far.

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05/07/2010 | 04:47 PM
Clay is a tough move on to, so he must feel like he is close to were he was in Madrid and RG last year. I just came back from visiting RG and it was great to see the place that completed his grand slam. I hope he can repeat.
05/07/2010 | 04:47 PM
great win roger
Why though do u do the fed x thing and
clinic with kids, does that not take away
your energy? u should do that AFTER you
have won the tournament. I do not know is that
not a distraction as to why you are there. I love kids too, but
05/07/2010 | 04:46 PM
Clement very unhappy about the line call at 8-7 but I didn't see what happened - anyone else? Roger got the set.
05/07/2010 | 04:45 PM
roger said his best tennis is not so far away...
now..i can't really see it ..buit anyway roger won 1st set
05/07/2010 | 04:45 PM
stay calm Roger!!beautifully done!!
05/07/2010 | 04:45 PM
Tie Break to Roger.
05/07/2010 | 04:44 PM
stay calm he has pull this tie breaker out
05/07/2010 | 04:43 PM
come on roger you can do it
05/07/2010 | 04:43 PM
05/07/2010 | 04:43 PM
then in the tie just stay calm!! now!! break and then!
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