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Roger defeated in final

16.05.2010 | Tennis

Roger was unable to defend his Madrid title today. In a remake of last year's final, Roger was defeated in straight sets 4-6, 6-7(5) by Rafael Nadal this time.

Both players dropped serve early in the first set before Nadal broke to lead 4-3 and went on to bring the set home, even though Roger had quite a few chances of swinging it around. In the second set, Nadal claimed a tightly contested tiebreaker after two breaks of serve each. All in all, Roger even scored one more point than Rafa (46:45), but was not at his best during the critical phases of the match, simply committing too many errors. 

But our champ certainly showed that he is more than ready for the French Open which starts May 25.

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05/17/2010 | 04:09 PM
34 winners fo roger and maybe 26 for nadal!!

that means our champ is more skilled and tough!! than nadal, the player who loves the show and camers!!!!!!

good work roger

were the champion yesterday but he was lucky!

wish u good luck and good
05/17/2010 | 04:03 PM
better luck champ,
bt try to defend d title of ROLAND GARROS.................
wish u good luck
05/17/2010 | 03:59 PM
Too bad, but I think Roger should be a bit more realistic when it comes to the clay surface. 2009 was lucky and that's it.
Rafa is back and no way is he going to go away. I think Roger should finally accept everything about this. The press will contin
05/17/2010 | 03:53 PM
Roger, you're the best. I liked the way you played. With some bit of confidence, I bet you would have defeated Nadal yesterday. If you had taken the match to the third set, you would have gained more confidence and won the match. Ooooffff that band bound
05/17/2010 | 03:46 PM
its ok roger...i still believe it was pretty close...amazing tennis from both sides though...just felt a bit sad...but i guess thats ok coz u still played great
anyway, ur gonna win the french open...i usually end up crying if u lose ...but yesterdays ma
05/17/2010 | 03:33 PM
you played better than nadal yesterday..but you werent lucky ... good luck in RG...
god bless you
05/17/2010 | 03:31 PM

Whenever it's a close match against Nadal, Federer just can't seem to win it. It's almost automatic. I kept wanting Roger to break him so that he could run away with it. Instead, many opportunities were missed and I knew Nadal would squeak it ou
05/17/2010 | 03:19 PM
I dont like this!
What your traing to do wich so many drop shots in those decisive moments of the game?
Traine your backhand in line, like Guga... this can be the key for wining!
Your service devolutions of second "easy" Nadal serves are really
05/17/2010 | 02:47 PM
you played well Roger just unlucky at last. But you are in good shape now it will be beter in Roland Garros champ. I m by your side as always. Come on !!!
05/17/2010 | 02:36 PM
very tight match. you played well. I believe you have the game to win in clay court. Your game is the best in fast courts but i think you have done tremendous in executing and adjusting your game in clay. all the best in French!