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Samay Prakash
04/23/2014 | 09:42 AM
Dear Mr. Federer

I am happy to report that I have really enjoyed your tennis this season. I love your attacking and aggressive style as well as your consistency on the groundstrokes. I hope the new racket is working well. I hope more titles are on their way and I hope to see you live at one of the tournaments this year. A 8th wimbledon is on the way

Sincerely Samay
javiers aavedra
04/23/2014 | 06:25 AM
Another little thing, lets remember that Roger is using now a prototype racket, and perhaps this one require some adjustments, by what we have seen so far, we think this racket should have a little more weight and size, to get more power.
javier saavedra
04/23/2014 | 04:35 AM
All of us want to see you win another title no matter what, but winning another, and the key to doing this is to have a killer service, lets repeat it a... !KILLER SERVICE! There is no other way, and in order to achieve this, it is necessary to improve the tactics of execution of the first service, Simple as that. and that is where we can help to improve that aspect ... but how? It's easy, call us roger.. call us please.
04/23/2014 | 04:14 AM
Roger I am so happy to see you back in shape! You are a class act, you are always generous with your comments about your opponents. Stay classy! May you continue to be the example of a champion for others to emulate.
04/22/2014 | 09:55 PM
Hello roger, you have never failed to amaze me in any of your on/off court performances. While we know that everyone has ups and downs, we haven't seen any comeback like yours for years (thanks to your strong mentality). Just remember: You are the greatest plate in the tennis era. :)
Ryuhei Ozone
04/22/2014 | 03:57 PM
I'm a Japanese.
Ryuhei Ozone
04/22/2014 | 03:56 PM
Hello, my broger, I want to use here a little again.

Thank you for coming Japn Mr. Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. I love you.
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