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08/30/2016 | 03:25 PM
Hey Roger, wie läuft's? Hoffentlich reicht die Zeit bis Januar aus. Das Knie wird schon wieder aber wie klappt das mit der Spritzigkeit und dem Vertrauen in die Bewegungen so? HAHA, ja schon klar. Wenn du das nochmal hinbekommst mit Deiner Beinarbeit wird es Dir das Selbstvertrauen wieder geben das Dir in den letzten 3 Jahren immer mal wieder gefehlt hat. Tennisspielen kannst du immer noch besser. Aber der 100% Glaube kommt erst dann wieder wenn Du es auch in den Beinen fühlst. Poste mal leise.
08/30/2016 | 11:11 AM
Hi Roger, Well, not hooked on watching too much tennis because it is just not the same without you on the court! I have just read the essay about you by David Wallace, and was astounded at how he describes so well all that we love so much about your tennis. I see you are now a chef and an actor, and hope that your fitness is coming on really well so that you can be back on the courts. Take care and all best wishes.
08/30/2016 | 09:58 AM
notre plombier Sainte Genevieve des Bois va établir un diagnostic pour vous aider en urgence à trouver une solution adaptée à vos besoins. Il est disponible 7 jours/7 et 24 heures/24 même les jours fériés et les weekends.
08/29/2016 | 11:22 PM
So, now they have the roof, finally. But you're not playing, so there are all those lesser players on the courts. all of whom are less interesting to watch. All of us hope that your are recovering well and will be back on the screen by Australia. We keep the faith. We love you.
TL Zepp
08/29/2016 | 08:42 PM
I am missing you in the US Open!!! Hope you mend up my friend and are better than ever. Blessings to you and your family and love watching you play. We love you in Northern California! MamaZepp
08/29/2016 | 08:03 PM
Absolutely understood that you need some recovery and break. Enjoy a time with your family and I am very looking forward to seeing you in 2017 season
With regards, Klara and Hugo (my one-year old son who is watching tennis and of course you with me)
08/29/2016 | 07:50 PM
Although I am incredibly sad not to see you at the US Open, I am so grateful for all the years you have given (& years yet to give) to tennis and to all of us! I pray for your continued recovery and look forward to 2017 & seeing the best ever on my tv again! Until then, enjoy your beautiful family and the recovery process.
Sincerely, dehlia k
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