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07/30/2015 | 04:26 PM
Dear Roger from Argentina TE QUEREMOS.
Lo de Africa E S P E C T A C U L A R !!!!!
07/30/2015 | 06:42 AM
Sorry to hear about Montreal, think it means Roger will not hold onto his #2 ranking... it's ok, though because he just might win the US Open!
07/30/2015 | 06:15 AM
I'm so sad, I saved the whole year to go to Montreal. I am from Mexico and the dollar is so expensive here. Just realized that Roger is not playing there. I feel so dissappointed :( I will have to watch Djokovic, that's horrible :(
07/30/2015 | 03:44 AM
Tellement deçue que tu ne viennes pas à Montréal... Une ex Lausannoise qui habite Montréal et te suis depuis tes débuts à Ecublens..
07/30/2015 | 03:21 AM

Attristé de ne pouvoir regarder jouer mon idole à Montréal...
07/29/2015 | 11:47 PM
News flash!

Roger has decided not to play Montreal this year. So, he has decided to play Cincy and USO. Still waiting for the rest of the schedule to come out.

I am not surprised that he decided to withdrew.
07/29/2015 | 08:15 PM
hallo, ich hoffe mit dem Tourtracer..das ist doch nicht Dein Ernst?
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