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07/06/2015 | 10:36 AM
Cher Roger,

C'est du pur bonheur de te voir ce tennis de rêve que tu livres ! Ces coups si difficiles nous paraissent avec toi faciles ! Comment ne pas t'encenser encore et encore !!! Nous serons jamais lassés de te voir jouer !

Avec toute notre admiration !
07/06/2015 | 10:15 AM
Dear Roger
at this point in time you and your game are looking amazing. As a fan I have every hope that you will be very successful this year. I hope you peak nicely and play as well as is needed of you. You are the greatest and don't let anyone forget that. All the best against Agut. Can't wait to watch you again.
A Friend in Costa Rica
07/06/2015 | 08:26 AM
...don't exist right now, only this match against Bautista Agut exists, nothing else. Don't play in a comfort zone, be on the lookout for his game and anticipate his moves, don't doubt yourself and be hungrier than him, if you are hungrier than him that will carry you through victory. You deserve to win an eight Wimbledon so play accordingly, take a stand, psych up yourself for victory no matter under what circumstances, JUST MAKE THINGS HAPPEN ROGER....because you can do it if you decide it so.
A Friend in Costa Rica
07/06/2015 | 08:17 AM
...yourself mentally for something like that, do not let your guard down for one second during the match, do not underestimate Bautista Agut for one second, think of the match as a tough training session, as a test that you need to pass if you want to lift Wimbledon's trophy ONCE AGAIN,...that would be priceless, so be ready to fight the good fight and play with a ruthless determination to win this match, just do whatever it takes to pass this next test, the previous matches and the next matches
A Friend in Costa Rica
07/06/2015 | 08:11 AM
HELLO ROGER,...I think this person...BELIEF...said it very well, I have very similar thoughts as BELIEF, basically, try to focus only on today's match, nothing else matters, winning Wimbledon means winning this match against Bautista Agut, ONE MATCH AT A TIME, be careful with Bautista Agut, don't let him stun you Roger, remember that this guy has nothing to lose when he plays against you, he is the underdog in the match and that represents an advantage for him....so counteract that by preparing
07/06/2015 | 07:00 AM
Always want to wish you well, great play, belief, self-confidence, and blessings for your upcoming match. It is so good that you are into the second week, and this W counts, of course, as all of them do. Trust yourself, and perhaps be on the watch for those who have not much to lose and can toss all caution to the wind. Your are playing wonderfully, and pacing yourself well, I believe. Always stand your ground: never be misled, and withstand any attempt to overwhelm you. Luck, and Godbless.
07/06/2015 | 06:31 AM
Lieber Roger,

herzlichen Glückwunsch zu deinem Sieg gegen Groth und dem Einzug ins Achtelfinale von Wimbledon!
Ich wünsche dir für dein heutiges Match gegen Bautista Agut nur das Beste, glaub weiter an dich, dann wirst du diese Partie locker für dich entscheiden! Du bist der Beste, der Titel führt dieses Jahr nur über dich, go, Champ!! :)
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