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07/31/2014 | 04:03 PM
Quelle joie de terevoir jouer au Canada. J'espère que tu vas faire un bon tournoi.
Amitiés sincères. Une super fan...
07/31/2014 | 10:54 AM
Good morning Roger.... coming to my home town Toronto... if you get a chance take your daughters to the CN Tower... it is awesome...! Great tournament here in TO have a great week I will try and see if I can get up there and watch one of your practice sessions.. Your playing awesome and again you showed " Great Class " in London..
Cheers .. AJ
07/31/2014 | 09:39 AM
Hello Roger. I would like to wish good luck in the August's tournaments and, of course, to win a US Open. You can!!!
Roger\'s Turkish Fan
07/30/2014 | 11:59 PM
Roger, Rogers Cup hopefully you'll be champions. Good Luck!
Anthony vs Anthony
07/30/2014 | 02:35 PM
Hi Roger! Really looking forward to seeing you in Toronto next week. My son and I have a bit of a rivalry going here. He's a huge Rafa fan and I'm a Roger fan (of course). Hopefully we get to experience the magic of that one handed backhand in its top form .. everything else is already top notch. Good Luck!
07/29/2014 | 09:38 PM
Lieber Roger, liebe Mirka! Gerade hab ich im Fernsehen den Bericht über den Streit wegen Eurem Spielhäuschen gesehen. Macht Euch nichts draus. Glaubt mir, solche sinnlosen eifersuchtsgesteuerten Dramen spielen sich auch in unserer Einfamilienhäuschenwelt identisch ab. Also überall, wo sich Leute unterlegen und benachteiligt fühlen. Arme Leute! Freut Euch von Herzen über Eure gesunden kleinen Schätze! Ihr habt alles Glück der Welt und verdient es auch! Geniesst es! Liebe Grüsse! Mami von vieren!
07/29/2014 | 07:59 AM
Roger, once again congrats on your finals performance at Wimbledon..!! I have followed your career for 12 years. I have only posted my support on your website for 6 months under Guestbook. Frankly, I find it disturbing that in all this time you have never acknowledged your loyal fans Here..!! It's quite obvious to me that Roger Federer is a Corporation, Good Luck With That..!! Fan