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08/25/2016 | 11:20 AM
بِسْمِ اللّهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ

«Есть у него (человека) ангелы, следующие впереди него и позади него и охраняющие его по велению Аллаха». (Коран, сура13, аят 11)

Пусть Всевышний направит нам помощь, в которой мы нуждаемся.

Пусть Всевышний поможет нам остановить и прекратить все плохое, что мы в силах остановить и прекратить и что мы ДОЛЖНЫ остановить и прекратить.


Да пребудет вокруг нас красота!

Dear Roger, приглашаю Вас с семьей в Казахстан.
08/25/2016 | 11:03 AM
Умывшись солнечным светом,
осуши лицо свежим ветром,
расскажи все свои печали,
очисти думы свои.

Вслед за солнцем
вслед за ветром
заберу все твои печали,
осушу слезы твои.

В этом мире, залитом солнцем,
в объятьях этого ветра
ты не вспомнишь ничего плохого,
айналайын, никогда, никогда.

Вслед за солнцем
умчится ветер,
вслед за ветром
помчатся мысли,
но в глазах твоих счастье, менің айналайын,
останется пусть навсегда.
A Friend in Costa Rica
08/25/2016 | 10:34 AM
..impossible for someone like him to keep track of all his fans requests, it's totally understandable. I am happy for both of you and I hope that Fred gets better every day and goes into total remission. I am a fellow fan of Roger Federer and so I share that with your husband Fred, I am also a tennis fan and I try to play tennis every other day here in Costa Rica even tough I usually have a hard time finding someone to play tennis with. Being able to attend a US Open is a dream of mine, enjoy it
A Friend in Costa Rica
08/25/2016 | 10:25 AM
....did not grant me my deepest wish that I could keep my mother with me in this life. I don't know you or your husband Fred but I know how hard and scarry it is to go through that diagnosis and that situation....and so it makes me very happy when I hear that someone overcomes such difficult circumstances and is doing well, cherish that miracle with all your heart. I hope you did hear from Mr. Roger Federer....but even if you didn't, it would not be Roger's fault, I guess it must be almost ....
A Friend in Costa Rica
08/25/2016 | 10:15 AM
Hello Roger, hello to you all. This message is for Leslie Hoenburger, I read your post from a few days ago and I would like to tell you that I am happy that your husband is doing better after his surgery, my mother passed away from cancer so I personally know how terrifying it is to have someone you love being diagnose with cancer, if my mother had recovered from her cancer that would had been the absolute best thing that could had happen in my life....but unfortunately, for some reason, God...
08/24/2016 | 11:41 PM
Roger we missed you in the tournaments but it is important that you get fit before you come back, all the very best
08/24/2016 | 06:28 PM
So very glad to hear your regime is going well Roger and that you will soon be at your fittest again. I have so missed the excitement your matches always give to fans. I know my thoughts are echoed by many, many lovers of the game around the world. God bless