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05/26/2015 | 09:53 AM
Salut Roger,

Good luck in Paris, your matches are good!
The winner takes it all ;-)!
L'annee '15 est super!

Byee! Lovee
05/26/2015 | 08:26 AM
Encore un mot pour vous féliciter sur votre tenue, elle est magnifique et va parfaitement avec votre teint sombre ! On se réjouit de vous voir gagner encore et encore !
05/26/2015 | 08:19 AM
Cher Roger,

On vous retrouve pour la 17 fois à Paris. C'est tellement incroyable... et vous êtes toujours au TOP ! Nous espérons vous voir encore ... et encore... Vous nous avez transmis la passion du tennis.

Avec toute notre admiration.
A Friend in Costa Rica
05/26/2015 | 03:54 AM
..kid did, I know better than that...but this kid didn't, he just went for it in front of thousands of people and the whole world, in a way he was showing how much he admires you and looks up to you, granted, he did it in the wrong way...but sometimes at that age you do things without giving them too much thought....so I have a very humble advice for you Mr. Federer, wouldn't it be great if you could forgive this kid and allowed him to finally be able to take a selfie with you ? Good heartedly ?
A Friend in Costa Rica
05/26/2015 | 03:40 AM
...because you are right to think and feel the way you do, trying to put myself in your shoes I can understand your concern for safety, space and privacy, especially when you are out there at the courts playing a match surrounded by thousands of people in a stadium..but as a fan, I guess I can also kind of relate to this teenager's desire to meet you and take a selfie with you, I mean, what fan of yours would not want that, right ? Of course, I'm a grown man and I would never have done what this
A Friend in Costa Rica
05/26/2015 | 03:31 AM
Hello Roger,...I've been thinking that something kind of felt a little off or not quite right about that incident with the teenager who wanted to take that selfie with you at Roland Garros, I totally agree with all that you have said about it, it is more than justified that you did not like at all what happened, you are more than entitled to be upset about the lack of security at Roland Garros or anywhere else for that matter, I totally understand your reaction and your statements afterwards...
Joan Bond
05/26/2015 | 03:20 AM
Please change the security at French Open! Talk about
This happening to other victims of fame. ;) Always be #1
No threats to GOAT! ;))