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05/16/2016 | 01:51 PM
Natürlich hoffen wir Fans, dass Sie in RG antreten und einige gute Matches spielen können. Aber die Welt bricht nicht zusammen, wenn Sie sich mehr Zeit geben und auf den Start verzichten. Ich hoffe jedenfalls auf einen positiven weiteren Verlauf der Saison, denn Sie werden sehr vermisst!
05/16/2016 | 12:59 PM
Dear Roger,

Kids and I are huge fans. Between us, we have flown to Shanghai to watch you play in the Masters 9 times. It's our dream to watch you in a Slam so we are flying to Paris this week to watch. We hope you are well enough to play! Of course your health comes first. We, and the rest of the tennis world, are so wanting to see classic Roger in action again.

If you aren't well enough to play, perhaps you'd like to join us for some Moet sunset? Looking forward to the 18th!
Basel Boy
05/16/2016 | 05:58 AM
Hopp Fed! If you weren't able to play Roland Garros, many would understand including myself. We'd miss you greatly, however your successes and longevity have been attributed to you listening to your body very well. Therefore, scheduling yourself smartly. We'll see. The grass is right around the corner including your favorite Wimbledon!
05/15/2016 | 11:23 AM
hello Roger, j'espère que tu vas mieux et que ton dos n'est plus douloureux ! Tu pourras ainsi nous régaler à Roland Garros et reprendre le fil de la compétition pour préparer la suite de la saison au plus haut niveau ! Courage et bon tournoi de Roland
05/15/2016 | 09:23 AM
виски станут медом…»

(перевод с немецкого?)

Это строчки из Вашего любимого детского фильма, Roger?
Вы просматриваете его с детьми?

بِسْمِ اللّهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ

Пусть Всевышний поможет всем нам остановить и прекратить все плохое, что мы можем остановить и прекратить!


Skye Bernier
05/15/2016 | 08:43 AM
Hey Roger, I just wanted you to know that I am a huge fan. I am a mad tennies fanatic and you are my favorite player. One of my bucket lists was to see you play in person and I got to do that at the Brisbane intl. You are an amazing player and will always be my number 1. Your style is a thing of beauty and I enjoy every match :) wishing you all the best and ahoy to your true fans. Take care, love to your family for sharing you with us
05/15/2016 | 01:11 AM
Dear Roger,

We are thinking of you and wishing you a complete recovery before the French!

Love always, your New York fans