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07/18/2015 | 06:05 PM
I think maybe mentally, before you even get onto the court, you already subconsciously set your belief. If it's a lesser player, you set yur belief higher and so you play to your best with no constraint. If is't Nadal or Nole, you start wondering and set doubts in you mind and think it will be difficult; you may lose. When you are losing, then, you may accept it as shown in set 3,4 because you don't believe you can beat him anyway. Change it and you have may have another slam.
07/18/2015 | 05:59 PM
Roger, I kept thinking why is it that you played so well until you played Nole and why is it you played so well until you played Nadal. Are they better than you? I don't believe it. You are the best in tennis, but you are not winning against Nadal and Nole. You can revenge players who beat you once because you believe so. You can't beat Nadal and Nole because you don't have the belief. You play lesser players so well. Why is it you could not lay the same way against Nole, win or loss?
07/18/2015 | 03:15 PM
Dear Roger

Its difficult for me to address you at this moment as its so hard to digest your final loss to Djokovic. How I wish you could have won this one. But knowing you I know you will live to fight another day. I believe you have the mental toughness to win a slam and I am sure you know it too. Just checked your schedule and theres nothing between Wimbledon and Basel. How come?? Please update your schedule. We fans need to know when you are playing next.

07/18/2015 | 03:13 PM
For all of you fans, log in to www.wsopencom/news. It says that Roger and Serena will play in Cincy to defend last year titles. At least we know he will be in Cincinatti (Aug 15-23). So relieved! I will be there in person to cheer our champ.
Anjana Chandrashekar
07/18/2015 | 02:03 PM
Mesmeric and magical tennis from the wizard of wimbledon against Andy Murray in the semi- final this year was a treat to watch! All the best for the U.S Open! Keep playing sublime tennis, winning will come! My all time hero, shall pray for you now and always!
07/18/2015 | 06:18 AM
Hi Roger,
It has been a well-known fact as many sport commentators have mentioned many times.
In the last few years you have always lost the concentration and are not able to close the most important matches.
As somebody mentioned this before, you need to do more mental concentration exercises than just practicing the tennis shots.
It is very disappointing to see you throwing away matches again and again for the same reason: CONCENTRATION.
Jed Kemsley
07/18/2015 | 06:15 AM
Hi Mr Federer,

You are an absolute legend, and my favourite player of all time, and I hope you keep playing tennis and doing your foundation work for many years to come. I'm hoping to see you in action at the Australian Open next January in Melbourne. Good luck at the U.S Open and the rest of the tournaments this season!


Jed Kemsley