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11/22/2015 | 09:16 PM
Thank you Roger, for the beautiful tennis you showed once more this year. Wish you a very good rest and I'm looking forward to seeing you in action again. Always your fan :-)
11/22/2015 | 08:56 PM
It would have been truly amazing if you had done it Roger. It was a great match anyway. I wish you many victories in the future.
11/22/2015 | 08:53 PM
Hi Roger,
Das Resulat ein anderes wie ich mir von Herzen für dich gewünscht hab. Aber das was du heute gezeigt hast lässt mich weiter hoffen und positiv auf's nächste Jahr blicken. Jedes herzrasen wenn du spielst wahr es wert. DANKE
11/22/2015 | 08:53 PM
Hello Roger!

Das ist kein Problem. Trotzdem Du bist der Beste.
11/22/2015 | 08:47 PM
Awwwwwwww never mind. D: You really really really really really really really really (reoccurring) deserved to win! There's always next year though ;) Have a great Christmas with your family and please please please don't retire yet! I hope I have the chance to meet you one day and I'm going to beg my mum to buy me Wimbledon tickets next year but for now I'll just have to make do with watching your matches on tv while doing my school homework (I'm in Year 7)

11/22/2015 | 08:46 PM
vu comme tu l'avais battu mardi je m 'attendais à un meilleur match de ta part. je te défends toujours comme quoi tu es le meilleur mais les serbes au boulot vont m'ennuier avec ça pendant longtemps je suis dégoutée et très triste de voir que tu n'arrive plus à réagir même par fierté envers tes adversaires alors que TU ES LE ROI DU TENNIS... DE TOUS LES TEMPS
11/22/2015 | 08:44 PM
Good job overall this week. You are the best tennis player ever: you're 34, and yet you can still make Djokovic and everyone else play at their hardest. Tough loss today:
1) Don't be nervous! You are THE BEST. If you're already in the final, there's nothing to lose.
2) Consistency and work on hitting low volleys!
3) Mindset! You are the best, Roger. You can beat Djokovic at the finals if you can beat your own mindset. TBH, Djok was not amazing today but you made lots of errors.