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02/02/2016 | 09:36 PM
I believe Stan will stop Novak form reaching his calendar slam. Stan was sick at the AO this time. If healthy, he can go to the final because he has something Roger lacks - no fear of Novak, harder hit than Novak. To beat Novak, you can't give him short ball, soft ball to let him have ample time to set up and hit you with precision ground strokes. Even hitting corners to him is not enough as he can retrieve balls. Only way is to hit hard and fast and Stand can do it.
02/02/2016 | 04:52 PM
It is supposed that someone have to administrate this fan page, someone have something to say?
02/02/2016 | 04:48 PM
If someone of the Roger`s team takes care of this advice, please do something, whatever, but do it!...
02/02/2016 | 04:39 PM
All the people that writes here wants to see you win another grand slam, but it will be impossible if you do not have a perfect strategy of your first service, i have been saying this for eight consecutive years, i know how to resolve this matter, all you have to do is to call me, i saw you play since the really begining, so...
02/02/2016 | 04:09 PM
Roger! i am a big fan of yours.Before you it was only Boris Becker.
I feel you are loaded with immense talent but lack agility at this stage.Kindly work on speed related exercise only, rest you are simply perfect.
If i were to be your adviser, i would have advised you to have John McEnroe as your couch at this stage of your career.Roger work on agility and aggression.... there will be no one to compete with you in tennis history in near future...ALL THE BEST
02/02/2016 | 03:54 PM
Keep your positive spirit Roger! Best of luck for next tournament.
02/02/2016 | 10:52 AM
Hi Fede.. Saw ur match the other day against Djokovic...U were really awesome... The game proved that u r no less than ever..U always give ur best wen u play and trophy is all that matters to others but I think ur effort sportsmanship and humbleness showed us why 17 grandstand alone won't satisfy u..u have the potential just a bit fine tuning in Fed's own ways can make wonders.. Aim high.. U were and still are at ur best..Go for it..Expecting many more best tennis matches and slams from U!