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A Friend in Costa Rica
05/25/2015 | 08:57 AM
...game, think of every match as a serious training session for the next match, try to get better in every match, one match at a time, it's all in your head, a little meditation session before each match could help you so you can empty your mind from worries and distractions and replace them with visualizations of a positive, loose, fluid and strong game, program yourself before each match, psych up to enjoy yourself out there and to play to win. What happenned with that kid who wanted a selfie
A Friend in Costa Rica
05/25/2015 | 08:50 AM
Hello, congratulations on a good start at Roland Garros, well done Mr Federer. Try to relax your mind and body after each match so you can fully recover for your next match, one match at a time, the previous match does not exist anymore and the match that follows the one you play in the present will not exist unless you win the one you are playing in the present time, so just focus on the task at hand, be totally present in mind and body when you are playing, focus a 100 percent and enjoy your..
05/25/2015 | 06:54 AM
A warning to the Roland Garros GS tournament organizers! What happened was atrocious, and it has happened before! I was always always concerned about security! It is good that you spoke about it seriously and expressed your concerns, for yourself, and all players. It cannot be allowed: players cannot be exposed. It's not a joke, as we know. Glad you spoke out! Roger, you make up your own shots on the spur of the moment: how wonderful. You bring life to slow courts and dead balls. Onward!
Nesi Muthucumaru
05/25/2015 | 06:24 AM
Way to go Roger! Tough first match you got through beautifully! Good luck in the next round. May the Force be with you!
05/25/2015 | 04:17 AM
Last night on TV we were shown 2 balls of Federer's game. We saw plenty of other games. Why? I think they've written you off, Roger.
Prove them wrong maestro!!
Diana Mp
05/25/2015 | 01:26 AM
Estamos planeando ir al US Open este año, pero no lo vemos programado en tu calendario, asistirás este año?
05/24/2015 | 10:58 PM
"Fancy Free" ? So the # 2 player in the World, a legend , should retire ?? What are you smoking ????? Fan