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07/20/2015 | 11:11 AM
Dear Roger,
Ist finally time to play another game....
You pretend to help children in Mali .
Did you know that the enormous amount of money on your account, payed for a'' game'' will create dept on the other site on costs of other people? All the interests on this enormous account of yours has to be payed by the poor.

Please open your eyes finally for the system you are acting in....this system is corrupted to the bone and you are just a tool to seep this unhumanlike system,alive.
07/20/2015 | 05:38 AM
Dear Roger, know that you have moved on and are now concentrating on your foundation which is so wonderful. Have to reflect on Wimbledon tho'- it always seems that just prior to the start of the tournament your opponents or their camp come out in the news with something they know will upset you. Becker with his book and Nadal in the past. They know how to get to you, and Djoker with his excessive bounce of the ball while serving. You Must find a way to deal with it ... Love you always.
07/19/2015 | 08:06 AM
ope you are having a good time, and that you have garnered a few things from that final. dribble, dribble, dribble, dribble......then higher dribble, dribble, dribble dribble, dribble. For second serves, too. And the roof was shut for the ceremony, but not for the rain delay? I tell you, some things make me think of Daneland. ***BELIEF, nothing to do with what you seem to believe. You don't know why: only Roger knows what went on. So please don't talk about belief. Roger lives by belief.
07/19/2015 | 05:34 AM
Hello Roger !!!!!!

I was on vacation, I just came back from a nice trip with my family !!!

Hope you are fine, never mind win or lose I am with you always, you are
the GREATEST ever in TENNIS history, no matter what, for me you are the
number one forever, stay healthy and fit enough to the next tournament,
and you will BEAT them all !!!!!!!!

Love your forever !!!

GOD bless you and your lovely family and RFTeam !!!
07/18/2015 | 06:05 PM
I think maybe mentally, before you even get onto the court, you already subconsciously set your belief. If it's a lesser player, you set yur belief higher and so you play to your best with no constraint. If is't Nadal or Nole, you start wondering and set doubts in you mind and think it will be difficult; you may lose. When you are losing, then, you may accept it as shown in set 3,4 because you don't believe you can beat him anyway. Change it and you have may have another slam.
07/18/2015 | 05:59 PM
Roger, I kept thinking why is it that you played so well until you played Nole and why is it you played so well until you played Nadal. Are they better than you? I don't believe it. You are the best in tennis, but you are not winning against Nadal and Nole. You can revenge players who beat you once because you believe so. You can't beat Nadal and Nole because you don't have the belief. You play lesser players so well. Why is it you could not lay the same way against Nole, win or loss?
07/18/2015 | 03:15 PM
Dear Roger

Its difficult for me to address you at this moment as its so hard to digest your final loss to Djokovic. How I wish you could have won this one. But knowing you I know you will live to fight another day. I believe you have the mental toughness to win a slam and I am sure you know it too. Just checked your schedule and theres nothing between Wimbledon and Basel. How come?? Please update your schedule. We fans need to know when you are playing next.