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A Friend in Costa Rica
06/29/2015 | 11:07 PM
HELLO,....Mr. Federer,....First and foremost I have always supported you as one of my favorite tennis players and also as an individual person, everytime that you play a match I am on your side no matter who is playing on the other side of the net, I'm always rooting for you...what's interesting for me is that your style and demeanor on the tennis court and out of it is different than my own, you are too perfect and suave, too composed and correct, too politically correct, maybe it has something
06/29/2015 | 01:01 PM
Love watching you from australia the best of luck I know you can do it I'll be watching from Euroa Australia and please keep playing tennis will never be the same without you
06/29/2015 | 10:33 AM
Cher Roger,
Nous nous réjouissons de ce tournoi que tu affectionnes tant. Comme toi, nous pensons qu'il te convient parfaitement ! Nous serons avec toi et espérons de nombreuses victoires... il en faut 7 !!! La tâche est énorme mais YOU CAN !

Avec toute notre admiration.
06/29/2015 | 09:24 AM
Roger it is that time of the year again. My heart is racing and I am screaming for your 18th title and ultimate sjccess. Your fans would carry you over tne line if we were allowed so we will do the next besr thing and pray and wish you well. Love you man, let's go....xxxx
06/29/2015 | 06:27 AM
Dear maestro, even if you should win Wimbledon please don't retire. I know you have one more US OPEN in you! Don't want to think about it, we will all be devastated I'm sure. Love you always.
06/29/2015 | 06:06 AM
Roger, good luck on your 8th Wimbledon title quest. I pray that you win it all this time. You came so close last year, now win it this year. No one deserves the title King of Grass more than you. Stay focused and take it one match at a time. I'm looking forward to seeing you lift your 18th Championship trophy on the 12th of July. All the best. God bless.
06/29/2015 | 05:01 AM
Dear Roger, with your first game not far away I would like to wish you all the very best in your quest to win another Wimbledon title. It is a pleasure and privilege to watch you play tennis no matter what time of day or night it is here I will be watching. I love seeing all your Wimbledon photos on Facebook. They are magic.
Kind regards to you, Mirka, your 4 beautiful children, and the team.