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Sylvia Hurtado
08/08/2016 | 07:57 PM
Estimado roger,

Le escribo para desearle un feliz cumpleaños, que estos 35 años estén llenos de amor, éxito y sueños cumplidos. Ha sido muy triste saber sobre su dolencia, pero estamos seguros que este tiempo de recuperación y rehabilitación será auspicioso para comenzar un 2017 con mucha energía y salud.

Gracias por darnos el gusto de conocer su carrera y admirar el gran hombre que refleja ser.

Saludos afectuosos para usted y toda su Familia!
Sylvia, admiradora de 88 años
08/08/2016 | 07:54 PM
Nobody knows how perfection can be achieved. No one understands how you managed that. I read in your book that Rio was the apotheosis of the career for you. It is clear though that is not yet time to think since the apotheosis. Happy Birthday Roger! You are an example for the entire planet! Great Party!
08/08/2016 | 07:53 PM
PS 35 adds up to 8. Your birthday is 8th day of 8th month. I am not a numerology specialist but anyone can see this year will be a very special one!
08/08/2016 | 07:48 PM
Dear Roger, Happy 35th! I am the poster who tells you she is on dialysis and will let you know when I get a transplant so I will be free! I also have posted how much joy you bring me. This may sound strange but maybe if you had gone to Rio MAYBE the Zika mosquito would have bit you and that would be more devestating than the time out to heal your knee. Anyway...You have more time to spend with the lovely family.
Thank you as always FOR BEING YOU...Love to your family including your Mom and Dad.
08/08/2016 | 07:47 PM
It's my pleasure to know you as a tennis player, an idol and a role model! Thanks for everything you've done for tennis. Wish to see you back to the court soon:)
All the best to you and your family!
08/08/2016 | 07:44 PM
Lieber Roger

Herzliche Glückwünsche zu deinem Geburtstag!
Genieß deinen Ehrentag zusammen mit deiner lieben Familie und guten Freunden!

08/08/2016 | 07:38 PM
Happy Birthday Roger!
Hope what we can see you soon on tennis Court.
What you have done for tennis is fantastic! You is one of the best sportsman
ever. When you gonna leave the tennis is gonna die.
You put the tennis in Another level with elegance, feelings and arts!
I wish you and your family all the best
Your idol forever
Lasse from sweden