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02/03/2016 | 05:06 PM
Gute Besserung Roger, erhol Dich gut. All the best, cheers Andy
Christian 0704
02/03/2016 | 04:27 PM
Gut Besserung aus Österreich.
Du bist der beste unter allen besten für alle Ewigkeit.
02/03/2016 | 04:10 PM
Good luck Roger. We wait for you! All the best Diana
02/03/2016 | 04:07 PM
Ich wünsche Dir eine gute Besserung und schnelle Genesung.
Die Gesundheit geht's vor und natürlich auch die Familie.
Keep cool !!! Auf baldiges Wiedersehen auf Tour !!!!
02/03/2016 | 03:56 PM
Good luck Roger. We wait for you. All the best Diana
02/03/2016 | 02:36 PM
Dear Roger,
I’m so shocked and sorry to hear that you had to have knee surgery.
I hope you will take good care of yourself and will be making a quick recovery!

Swati Mahajan
02/03/2016 | 02:20 PM
Dear Roger,
Sad to hear about your surgery. In your professional career, this is a rare set back. Hope you recover soon. Take proper rest. Wishing you a speedy recovery. You have a lot to play as this is the Olympic season. Tennis is just not the same without you.
God bless you with good health.

Love always