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07/15/2015 | 07:21 PM
Dear Roger,
It was a tough loss, no doubt. Take it in your stride and move on.After winning 2end set tiebreak the momentum should have shifted to you, but you became listless. May be, you were exhausted after spectacular performance in S/F. Please analyse and move on to Ciccinnati and then U.S.O. Please publish your schedule for rest of the year
07/15/2015 | 03:51 PM
Hi Roger
Just like to say what a great tournament you had , and playing some unbelievable tennis you were so unlucky in the final , I was with my two young daughters at wimbledon screaming and willing you on , just make sure you grab that wimbledon number 8 next year and make history and all of us so proud.
Love to the family .
YOU THE MAN , have a wicked season mate .

All the best

07/15/2015 | 02:31 PM
Would you please list your schedule for the rest of 2015? You only have one tourney listed after Wimbledon Hope you are enjoying your vacation, and come back strong for the US Open! Thanks!
07/15/2015 | 01:30 PM
hi roger, i see there is missing u.s. open 2015 in ur schedule. r u not playing in it? how we can even think about u.s. open without 5 time champ.
07/15/2015 | 09:42 AM
Hi. Roger
i want to be an international tennis player. What should i do .
I have no mentor,no coach.no oppurtunity,no facilities.
It will be your most kindness to let me know how to reach above destination.if intrested please reply rayees.tennis@gmail.com.
07/15/2015 | 03:36 AM
You are the best! It's so nice to see you playing!
You'll always be the first one in our hearts.
07/15/2015 | 02:20 AM
Novak has been undoubtedly great over the past 5 years, reaching the finals of 14 of the last 19 grand slams played and winning 8 of those. But I continue to be awestruck by Federer's record in the glory years from 2004 to 2009. Of the 24 grand slams played in those 6 years, Federer reached the finals of 20, winning 14. That is simply not of this earth. Now, 6 years later, at the age of 33, he put on a grass court display in the semi-finals, the likes of which I've not seen since the 1999 final.