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04/05/2015 | 04:14 AM
Querido Roger!
Que la paz y amor de Dios vivo
Permanezcan siempre en tu
Corazón y hogar . Happy Easter !!
04/04/2015 | 10:06 PM
Roger, MIHAI sent his greetings although he thought that you don't read this guestbook. You might not, or you might take a look on occasion. It does not matter: what matters is that we are the testament that we always love your tennis and look forward to your matches, and that nothing else is as satisfying. Have a wonderful tournament at MC, and worry not. Play freely, with self-confidence. You are tennis itself!
Theodore Kotoff
04/04/2015 | 09:28 PM
Hi Mr. Federer! I watch your matches as often as I can and I am amazed at your balance and poise! I love to see replays in slow motion as we can actually witness the beauty of your strokes! In my estimation, you are the best I have ever watched! So, use all of your weapons and strategy to win over Novak. YOU ARE THE BEST!!!
04/04/2015 | 03:56 PM
I love sports, and of course tennis it is one of my favorities. I realise that we are living in a time that an exceptional players are competing at the same time. But you are extraordinary, your elegance, your style, your glamour. Thank you, it is always a pleasure to see you playing.
Clone of RF\'s
04/04/2015 | 03:22 PM
Hello Grande Maestro,
I'm very very excited of fact that you are going to play in Monte Carlo this year because I'm your greatest fan and am gonna participate (as spectator of course) in this event. Advantage of the opportunity I would like to mention that I look (physically) very similar like YOU. So if you ever need to find your personal clone - i'm at your service :)
Good luck in Rolex Masters!
Paola Cabezas
04/03/2015 | 07:27 PM
Dear Su Majestad! I´m your supeRFan. I wish you have an excellent rest 2015. I hope I can see you in Wimbledon this year. Regards, for you and your family, from Lima-PERU!
04/03/2015 | 06:18 PM
Hi Roger, I am always happy to watch your game in 2015 moments. I hope your victory in every tournament! Best wishes from Japan, ASHITA