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01/23/2015 | 02:15 AM
Roger, put your foot down tonight! You are playing mangnificently, and it is enthralling to watch. Not directing traffic, like some, or putting on a play, a farce, in four acts. It is ridiculous how some get special treatment! Wipe them out, Roger, please! Time for some justice to be dished out. I am quite upset at the tournament, and the way they let the sponspsors' favorit. ge privileges. What about others? Tournament seemed great when he was away for a long time. Go, conviction, belief!r
Scottish fan
01/22/2015 | 07:55 PM
there are at least 2 errors in Career stats:-
1 Overall win/loss ratio should be 1002/227 I think - when he reached 1000 you showed 1001 for some reason, and losses were then shown as 226 but s/b 227
2 He has competed in 25 GS finals (17 wins 8 losses)
Mike Capozzoli - USPTA
01/22/2015 | 07:29 PM
Dear Roger,
You have heard all this before.
Step 1,
It’s just a matter of how much physical and mental toughness you bring to each point.
How much are you willing to fight? Check the lazy and relaxed attitude at the door of the locker room and come out fighting and sweating… Give it everything you’ve got.
Play like you mean it for God sake…!
Step 2,
I have watched you in many matches. The tell tale sign of you loosing to #1 &2, is embarrassment and humiliation.
Yes, that’s right…. When you get passed at the net or your backhand gets picked on or
you miss an easy overhead. I have seen it time and time again. At that point I always exclaim…”That’s it, he is going to loose this match.” Your mental disappointment
is seen all over your body. Instead of fighting harder, you seem to let up and give in.
Myself as well as millions of others are in your corner and pray that you will win
the Australian Open…..Good luck Roger…..!
01/22/2015 | 07:00 PM
Dearest Roger I am so glad that things went okay with your finger. Strange thing.
I saw you looking at your hand in the first set. We are so happy that you, so
mentally strong prevailed. Was so happy to see the picture of the boys. They are
so cute. They will be beautiful like their mother and dad. Stay strong and you will
win. We are all behind you. Your outfit is light and great looking. love it. Best to
you and your team. GO ROGER

Ryuhei Ozone
01/22/2015 | 04:32 PM
You already killed million people, so you can two more fools, why not?

Ryuhei Ozone's Internationalism & Music & Cosmozone
A Friend in Costa Rica
01/22/2015 | 04:15 PM
Your mental approach is everything Roger, you have to be hungry enough and motivaded enough to be able to win, you have the tennis skills to beat everybody at this Aussie Open...but are you hungry enough to reach inside of you for these tennis skills of yours that you know you have and that can help you defeat whoever stands in front of you at this Grand Slam ? It's only up to you Roger, you can overcome Nadal or Djokovic but you have to be much more hungry than them, your next match is training
A Friend in Costa Rica
01/22/2015 | 04:05 PM
...a Grand Slam this year, you do deserve it because of the kind of human being that you are, your career deserves it, I know it's very difficult because there's so many strong players to defeat at a Grand Slam, this "full of himself" Nadal character is playing some awesome tennis, so is this other "full of himself" Djokovic...so is Nishikori and Murray and Janowic and others....but just try to focus on one match at a time, to win this Australian Open means to win your next match no matter which