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03/31/2014 | 03:43 AM
Mugs, thanks for your comments, you are a knowledgeable tennis fan and I always enjoy your posts!! Your right, Del Potro has not been quite the same since his US OPEN victory !! Let us all continue to send positive energy to Roger he is the one and only GOAT even at 32 he continues to amaze!! A Fan
mental strength
03/31/2014 | 03:17 AM
take a look at Novak. He doesn't worry about his technique, his physical. He worries about his mental strength. That's why he hired a coach to do just that. Roger, you don't need to worry about anything, but mental. Take a look at your mental history against Nadal, Novak and a few others who beat you. It's not quite positive. You are the best, but you could be your worst enemy when your mind becomes fragile. So, face it and come back 1000% strong
03/31/2014 | 02:19 AM
Fan your comment on Nikishori beating Roger and then pulling out. It is my take
that when Del Potro beat Roger at the US Open it as the same thing. In order
to beat Roger they press too hard injuring themselves. This has happened a fee
more times in Roger's career. My take it is like a badge of honour when they
beat Roger. It mean everything to them. I do not see the same thing with Nadel
or Novack. This is my insight into this. They play Roger hard and then cannot
continue. Go Roger 2014
03/31/2014 | 02:07 AM
In response to Fan in guestbook, I agree with you totally. Novack is playing much
better, an honestly I thought Nadel just squeaked through some of his matches.
We will see our Roger improve the rest of the year. We have faith in him. He works
so hard to accomplish what he has. We should not compare him to the younger
players but players of his own age. That is the true comparison. We would see
how magnificent he has been. I would like to say a big thank you to Mirka in
all of this. Love.
03/31/2014 | 01:14 AM
As a fan I enjoy many of the comments on this site !! This was a big win for Novak in his quest to regain #1 !! Nadal is looking far more vulnerable !! His last real win over anybody was Roger @ the Aussie !! Rio on clay was a joke!! I've posted a few times ,2014 will be an interesting year in tennis!! Roger will have a big year, My observation is,it takes 125% effort to beat him!! All the best Roger in your Quest for more Slams, I've watched you a long time, You still have plenty of game, A Fan
03/31/2014 | 12:27 AM
TEnnis experts, psychlogists, and sports psycholgists, etc., please stop the advice! You are at home, in your armchair, or in the arena, and don't know what's going on, on the court, at this level, or behind the scenes.
03/31/2014 | 12:24 AM
This was a final, and a 1000 points for THIS tournament? I feel as though it's only a partial tournament, so many withdrawals for one reason or another. Surely, 500 points is more like it! It is quite ridiculous, and the winner behaved as though he had won a GS title. Something is not quite right in Daneland...