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03/23/2015 | 10:23 PM
Mon Roger! Éblouissement total,ravissement,émerveillement.....ce sont les mots qui me viennent au coeur quand je te vois!!Bonheur total!Et je t.en souhaite des tonnes,en famille et sur les courts!Je t.embrasse,mon Champion
A Friend in Costa Rica
03/23/2015 | 10:18 PM
I think that Djokovic had it easier than you because he didn't have to play the Quarters match and Murray did not wear him out enough at the semis so Djokovic was more rested than you, that was a factor too. Craig O'shannessy's Brain Game article is always interesting as well, a scientific analysis of the match, I'm sure you read this and incorporate some of that analysis to your already expert wisdom on tennis. A true fan will always back you up no matter what, win or lose....and that's what I
A Friend in Costa Rica
03/23/2015 | 10:08 PM
Hello Roger and everyone else in this guestbook, Jillian, you should not have said that Roger does not have what it takes anymore to win championships, that's just not true at all, totally non-sense. Like I've said before, I know Roger doesn't read these posts but I'll just pretend for a few seconds that he does, ok ? ...Listen Roger, nothing would had made me happier than to see you win the Indian Wells yesterday, you totally deserve to win because of how you play throught the whole tournament
03/23/2015 | 10:04 PM
Anche se non ha vinto la finale ci ha comunque regalato molte emozioni!
Ora un po di riposo rigenerante prima della prossima sfida sulla terra.
03/23/2015 | 09:16 PM
Roger, encore un régal de tennis hier... Merci. Bon repos et retour en Europe pour une belle saison sur terre à venir....
03/23/2015 | 07:10 PM
Roger continu de nous distiller ce tennis de feu et de génie car plus les années passe plus ton tennis est explosif continu ce tennis service volée.
Bonne année 2015 a toi et ta famille.
Go Go Roger
03/23/2015 | 05:40 PM
Thank you Roger for the wonderful week in Indian Wells! I enjoyed your tennis! Pleasure to watch! Looking forward to see you soon in action I wish you all the best!
Your devoted fan from Zagreb, Croatia.