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11/22/2015 | 01:31 PM
C'est possible Roger. J'y crois ferme, puisque tu l'as déjà fait. Bonne chance. X
11/22/2015 | 12:12 PM
Best of luck Roger. Step it up to a higher level than the last one.
Stay focused, be calm, be collected and calculating. This way you limit unforced errors.
Don't be disturbed of his service tactic for slowing and his noise, Djokovic knows how you loss concentration.Prove that the last win was not a fluke.
11/22/2015 | 11:55 AM
Rog' je te dis un gros "MERDE" pour ta finale contre Djoko! .. je sais que tu en es capable, alors GO and you will keep the trophy on your hands :-)
11/22/2015 | 10:15 AM
Bravo Maestro...!!!

Difficile ce match contre Wawrinka... pas évident de jouer un ami...!!!

Alors pour ce soir, je dis : Come on,.... kommt jetzt

et je croise les doigts...!!!

Mamie Bermagotte, fan de tennis....
11/22/2015 | 08:59 AM
Lieber Roger,

herzlichen Glückwunsch zu deinem tollen Sieg gegen Wawrinka im Halbfinale, das war wirklich eine starke Vorstellung!
Für das heutige Endspiel gegen Djokovic wünsche ich dir nur das Allerbeste, du kannst ihn 2 Mal hintereinander, auch bei dem selben Turnier schlagen, dein Spiel bietet alles, was dafür notwendig ist! Ich drücke dir so fest wie möglich die Daumen, glaub an dich, packst du das!!! Ganz viel Glück, Champ und auf zum 7. Finals-Titel!! ;)
11/22/2015 | 08:38 AM
Hi Roger All the best for tonight. It would be great if you could beat Djokovic, but maybe you need to raise your first serve percentage to help you do so. Whatever, we look forward to a great game, and while I am not crazy about the beard it would be good if you had a reason to keep it - for a while!! All good wishes!
11/22/2015 | 08:17 AM
Dear Roger I haven’t been well recently but after watching your 3 great games I’m feeling much much better now and I can watch one more tonight!
What a fantastic weekend!
You move so lithely and quickly like wild animals in savanna safari!
I can’t find that grace in any other players.
Thank you thank you thank you Roger!!! You are beautiful!!!!!!!!