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03/20/2015 | 09:38 PM
Dear Rog, thank U so much for outstanding chess tennis which is and be stoned forever. Amazing creation. No words, indeed. Wish ya motivation vs. Nadal or Raonic and in the final. You are famous artists. Thanx for joy and pleasure
03/20/2015 | 09:33 PM
Contratulations, just outstanding, what a treat to watch you play.
03/20/2015 | 09:30 PM
Sheer genius, you are a pleasure to watch. Congratulations and good luck for your following matches.
03/20/2015 | 09:25 PM
Congratulations Roger on an outstanding match against Berdych.
Fantastic tennis, awesome to watch and again in just 2 sets.
Good luck in the semi final. Kind regards to you all.
03/20/2015 | 09:00 PM
Hi Roger good luck and pls be aggressdive.
A Friend in Costa Rica
03/20/2015 | 06:21 PM
...important challenge and surpass it, you do have it in you, you can do it, psych up and go for it, bring back the best in you and show Berdych, Nadal and Djokovic what you are made of, this is a great opportunity for you to come through and leave and even greater legacy, if you beat Berdych today then you can play against Nadal and if you beat Nadal that would be a dream come true for us, your true fans. In order to do this you have to really want it, you have to be hungrier than your opponent
A Frind in Costa Rica
03/20/2015 | 06:13 PM
Roger, I thought you were playing yesterday, my mistake, I'm glad you got some rest, I wish you the absolute best today against Berdych, like I said yesterday...it's not an easy match because he is playing very strong tennis lately, you know he will attack your backhand side of the court...so be prepared for that. Roger, right now you have ahead of you a great challenge...Berdych in the Quarters, Nadal in the Semis ( He will beat Raonic for sure ) and probably Djokovic in the Final, embrace this