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09/09/2014 | 06:24 AM
It is urgent that we now have to fight openly against doping and it hurts when you cried as we did some time in a final of which we do not even remember, it was because we were about to beat the dirty game and dopage, but we could not because we play clean, it's for that reason that we will accompany you to the end of the world and you know it
09/09/2014 | 06:18 AM
Roger for seven years I have also requested the opportunity to accept our collaboration to seek improvement in the first service, we have several strategies for having a powerful and impeccable service, we offer a first automatic and powerful service for key moments of the game and producing more aces than normal, obviously we can not say publicly, we ask you to call us and we can explain.
09/09/2014 | 06:17 AM
At least Roger succombed to the 2014 Champion. Flat semi against Cilic, perhaps the result of too much tennis between Toronto, Cinci and then the US Open... Something to plan better for next year perhaps?
09/09/2014 | 06:04 AM
Roger, i feel sadder after knowing Cilic won. It would have been you winning your GS#18 today and it should have been you holding that trophy. It's ironic a player with an April 2014 doping record won a GS title. If he had served his penalty, he would not have been playing this tournament. It is just very bad luck you lost at the semis. You would have easily defeated Nishikori. This is a loss that is so regrettable. Nice & clean players lost to a player with a very recent doping record. Sad day!
09/09/2014 | 05:48 AM
for seven years I have been saying the same thing, it is urgent to have a very clear strategy with respect to the first service, we have to choose the places to where the services are directed very well and establish a predefined percentage to where they are directed, even if they are applied with effect or flat with power or without power in order to gain direction, we have to consider all these parameters if we want to compete at the highest level, because our opponents because they will never give us anything
09/09/2014 | 05:36 AM
Hey Roger,
Missed you out there today!
Can't wait to see you play Davis Cup this weekend.
I'm American, but my heart is Swiss.
Because of you, of course.
Good luck to you and Stan!
09/09/2014 | 04:17 AM
Dear Roger,

Hallelujah! Hopp Schweiz!! Chum Jetze!!!

I finally discovered your new yell on court!! Please apply during this Davis cup weekend!!!!!!!! lol


Love, L