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05/24/2015 | 12:06 AM
Hajrá Roger! Ziel 18.

05/23/2015 | 09:45 PM
keep on roger federer take te 18th grand slam !!!!!
05/23/2015 | 08:59 PM
This is a real chance for number 18 in slams.You are in very good form, and the draw suggests you are going to be fighting for the title in the final stages.All your fans are with you as you endeavor to achieve yet another milestone in such a remarkable career...Blessings from Ireland...
05/23/2015 | 04:11 PM
Dear Roger,

It´s time to win...the 18 GS
Is a great oportunity, you can do it, just believe in yourself. You are the best and the last tournament played it was very well for you. Focus, run, and be agressive. but whitout control.
Just you and clay... no more.
Come On!!
Padma Wickramasinghe
05/23/2015 | 03:37 PM
Dear Roger,Believe in yourself and be confident all the way.You are the best.Be calm and stay focused 100% throughout.Play with determination to lift the trophy.Visualise it.May your serve and shots work perfectly and give you a win against Falla in straight sets.Get the lead early.Our Prayers,Blessings and positive Energy are with you,dear son.Good Luck to you.Wish you,Mirka and kids Good Health,Protection and Happiness.
other mom
05/23/2015 | 03:27 PM
Good luck to you Roger. Will be rooting for you as always. Play with passion and aggression. GO ROGER !!!!!!!!!
Roger Federer
05/23/2015 | 09:32 AM
Roger Federer, all the best in Roland Garros y're no 2 in the world not bad at 33.