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mwntal thing
09/08/2014 | 03:47 AM
Serena is 33. She lost in smaller matches, but on the big stage where pressure is high, she performs her best. Champions perform best when challenged. I am puzzled that you performed maybe just 60% of you capability. When players can't perform their max talent and capability, almost 99% is mental -- lack of self belief. Roger, take some time off, get a mental professional work on it. Other players have done so and they are getting stronger mentally. You should do that. it's really mental.
Fred Mitchell
09/08/2014 | 02:50 AM
Roger, Congratulations on a good year. Keep the great tennis you have given us over the years. You're are a try Ambassador for the sport and a great inspiration to many. I've been on your side of the net since your win over Pete many years ago.. Life is Good - Enjoy the Ride!
09/08/2014 | 02:46 AM
Hi Roger, I can't imagine that you actually read all these comments as you also have a life, but in case you do, this is a hello from Vancouver Island. My husband and I watch every match that you play and that is available to us. I have followed your career since the beginning and it is an absolute joy to watch you play. If you ever want peace and quiet with your family you should visit V.I. it is beautiful warm and sunny, green grass and trees, sandy beaches. Joan Tipping.
09/08/2014 | 02:36 AM
Despite your loss yesterday you are still an inspiration to all those who watch you play. Not only are you an incredible athlete but also a great ambassador for tennis and for sport. Good luck in the Davis Cup. Will be cheering you on.
09/08/2014 | 02:20 AM
Roger, I had to go for a walk after your match against Cilic it didn't help I came back home and ate a entire pint of Haggan Das by myself! Never have done that before! I always look forward and happy to watch you play so when you lose I feel sad. I wonder how you feel? It must be nice to go home and hug the family. For this I am happy for you Such a blessing I am still on dialysis and hope to receive a transplant one of these days and i would travel to see you. Thank you for bringing me suchjoy
09/08/2014 | 01:39 AM
Dear Roger Federer,
I would like thinking than the Cilic match was your strategy to grow the young players. If is right, I understand the match result. It is incredible lto ost on front of Cilic after than you have win the Monfils match.
slam gone
09/08/2014 | 12:15 AM
Roger, this was perhaps the best chance you had in winning a slam and you blew it. I don't se you win it again. but I still enjoy your play esp. when you are not under pressure such as playing lesser players. I wish you were like Michael Jordan who was a clutch player and the best at handling pressure. despite all your skills and talent, you are just not a pressure player. To be like Mike, you have to be arrogant, competitive and "mean", which you are not.