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04/12/2016 | 12:29 PM
Dear Roger
Wishing you the very best of luck for today's game against Garcia-Lopez.
It will be good to see you play again. Tennis isn't the same when you are not there to play. Kind regards to you, Mirka, your 4 lovely children and the team.

04/12/2016 | 11:21 AM
Si je ne trouve pas à la télévision, je suivrai sur l'ordinateur. XX
04/12/2016 | 10:39 AM
Dear Roger,
Gald to see you come back and wish you the best for today's match. I was so bored these 2 months and now am excited to see you again. All the best for you.
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04/12/2016 | 07:44 AM
PS. Bonne semaine. XX (Je n'avais plus de caractères hier soir.)
04/12/2016 | 06:29 AM
Hola Roger!! Que bueno es verlo nuevamente en la cancha!! Mucha suerte en este primer partido en Monte Carlo 😍 😍!!
04/12/2016 | 12:29 AM
Welcome back, Roger. I hope you are feeling well and can make it thru at Monte Carlo. You have been missed desperately both in quality of play &competition. Djokovic looks like he is really struggling to beat his rivals. Murray is working some things thru & struggling. Besides Djokovic none of the top 10 Shined in the past 2 months. Ranoic physically and Miami heat stroke with some others including Nadal. WawrankA has had his moments but too strugglers. WIN ANOTHER BIG ONE YOU YOUR FAMILY &FANS