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07/09/2016 | 06:18 AM
...Again, my family, relatives and friends here in the Philippines and all around the world are with you whether 18 and onwards happens or not. 

You're the best. 😊
Patricia Brito
07/09/2016 | 05:51 AM
My love, i know you are devastated with your loss today. Grieve, because it's important to suffer through your pain, until the pain is gone... But don't give up, don't feel defeated, don't feel discouraged. You are a true champion and what is yours is saved. You will cry the tears of joy... Sooner than you think... All my love.
Kylie Mischefski
07/09/2016 | 05:19 AM
Hi Roger
I know this is a long shot but worth a try.
My poppa - Ian Laurence - is turning 80 this month.
He is nick named Roger after you as he is both your biggest fan but also an incredibly good tennis player & still plays 3times a week.
We would be lost without him as he is our go to person for dverything.
I appreciate your busy with training, competing & your family but if you could email me a video wishing him a happy 80th that would be an amazing suprise.
kylie_jury@hotmail.com. Thanks
07/09/2016 | 04:58 AM
Love to watch you play every game. Praying for good news on your knee and ankle.
Stay strong and God Speed.
07/09/2016 | 04:11 AM
Dear Roger, My heart aches for you. You had everything going for you. Your attitude, the crowd, your health and your team. I cannot believe that fall. You never fall and this timing is the worst. Speedy recovery Roger. Take the time you need and return to us healthy. God Bless.
07/09/2016 | 02:35 AM
Cher Roger, T'avais-je fait croire que le match était gagné d'avance ? Je m'en veux terriblement si c'est le cas. Pourquoi mes prières n'ont-ils pas été entendues ? Serait-ce parce que Raonic a eu un jour de plus pour récupérer ? Je suis désolée pour ce qui t'es arrivé. Tu méritais mieux que cela. Je croyais cette victoire possible et je n'étais de loin pas la seule. J'aurais voulu t'aider et je n'ai pas pu. Je m'en veux terriblement. Courage ! Wimbledon n'a plus d'intéret pour moi. XX
07/09/2016 | 01:55 AM
I hope your knees are well. My husband and I love to watch you play and to see your love for your game. We were sad to see the outcome of yesterday's game but you were extraordinary going this far into this tournament. We still want to see you win. Rest up and recharge!!