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06/19/2016 | 11:19 PM
Please will someone delete the horrible messages some ridiculous person with nothing useful to do keeps leaving.
06/19/2016 | 09:28 PM
Why does it take the webteam so long to delete offensive posts?
06/19/2016 | 08:56 PM
Je regrette que pour raisons familiales je n'ai pas pu suivre le match d'hier. Je suis triste de voir ce qu'on se permet d'écrire. Je prie pour vous.
06/19/2016 | 07:29 PM
Ton livre qui vient de sortir est superbe, je peux dire à tous vos fans de l'acheter.
Toujours aussi aimé Rodger et vive wimbledon.
Sherrie (Shers7)
06/19/2016 | 07:22 PM
Happy Father's Day Roger. Enjoy all your bundles of joy. And, looking forward to seeing you play at Wimbledon. As long as you enjoy the game so - I will enjoy watching - win or lose - you're still the greatest to me and always will be.
06/19/2016 | 06:50 PM
can't believe the ultimate winner was not the big 4, but Mayer. Roger needs to be 10 times better in order to get through even 3 rounds of Wimbledon. It's worrisome. Hope miracle happens. It seems Roger has the skills, but need more physical and mental strength at this time.
06/19/2016 | 05:58 PM
you will overcome all obstacles. no worries... going to add 2 more GS this year... returning from injuries it is natural to struggle initially. but by now you have enough real practice. now do some changes in your game strategy specially against key players. BRING BACK THE GOLDEN PAST ONCE AGAIN. WE HAVE FAITH IN U. NO MATTER U WIN OR LOSS U R GREATEST EVER.
please ban FANCY.FREE for abusive posts.