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03/26/2015 | 02:25 AM
Eres el mejor y siempre lo serás Roger, por ti amo el tennis

Recibe saludos desde Nuevo Laredo, Tamps.
03/26/2015 | 12:34 AM
Dear Roger so sorry for the loss. You played great in Indian Wells. It is so funny when
Novack is rude or doesn't play so well, nothing is said. But if you have a bad day
the commentators can hardly wait to stress l5 times that you lost to Seppi in the AO
but when Novack lost to you in Dubai nothing about him being off. They just will not
say anything against him. It makes me laugh. You were and are beautiful. We look
forward toyour return in Montecarlo. GO ROGER
03/25/2015 | 05:08 PM
Den gewichtigen Pokal von Indian Wells mussten (durften) Sie leider nicht hochstemmen. Trotzdem haben Sie während des Turniers fabelhaftes Tennis gezeigt. (Und den Novak Djokovic haben Sie auch ganz schön gestresst !)
Alles Gute für die kommenden Turniere und, wie immer, FORZA ROGER.
Srinadh Kodali
03/25/2015 | 03:04 PM
Great Fan of you. Want you to see to lift one or more grand slam/s in future.

When you full fill the dream of million hearts ?

Love you..RF
03/25/2015 | 07:33 AM
I Had a great dream last night.. Saw You and requested a selfie.. You were so humble and accepted. My bad, my mobile dint work properly. You understood that it dint work out well but you left for a match. But what happened was awesome. You wrote a note to me to meet me for dinner the next day. Felt so proud. Then i woke up from sleep :)

Just thought i could tell you this. Great fan of yours. Wish to meet you once :)
03/25/2015 | 05:52 AM
Dear Roger,
You are #2 and the best tennis player in the world !!!!!!!!
Enjoy your time with your family !!!!!!!!
Mr Tomic is back in Miami Open after speedy recovery. Back problem and wisdom tooth infection GONE !!!! I guess miracle just happened !!!!
Best regards.

A Friend in Costa Rica
03/25/2015 | 02:47 AM
Hello Roger, one thing that I didn't like about the Indian Wells final ( aside from your loss of course ) was Djokovic's rampage crushing his tennis racquet, I thought that was uncalled for, yeah sure, he might have been frustrated for some double faults with his serve and all but here is the thing, why crush a racquet like that just because he lost one set ? I didn't see you crushing your racquet after you lost the first set, I think he was pissed because couldn't bare the thought of not winnin