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04/08/2016 | 05:58 PM
Hi Roger So sorry not to see you play in Miami, but hope you will be fit and well for Monte Carlo. Watching tennis is not the same without you! Good luck and hope all goes well - will be on your side as ever!!
04/08/2016 | 11:33 AM
aller Federer

bonne chance pour Monte Carlo

04/08/2016 | 12:16 AM
Dear Roger,
Our old Tennis Club (www.clubingles.cl), founded 1882 in the city of Vina del Mar, Chile, the oldest in South America, is facing a very difficult situation, because the owner of the land where it is located our club (racing horse club) has asked us to leave the place, giving us a brief period of six months. We are asking for support to local authorities, trying to make the Horse Club reconsider its decision. Therefore, it would be a great help for us and a strong incentive to continue fighting for the survival of our centenary tennis club, if you could send us a message of support. Many years ago Nicolas Massu (born in Viña del Mar) and Fernando Gonzalez played on our courts, when they were children. Thank you very much.
04/07/2016 | 08:53 PM
I started to play tennis and takes lessons and almost 24 hours watching you and admire you so much please send me your autograph you are just amazing, great. unique character
Basel Boy
04/07/2016 | 08:45 PM
Go Fed. We're just glad to watch you play your super tennis! Chumm Jetze!
John Hager
04/07/2016 | 11:16 AM
So sorry to hear that you're not feeling well. We'll miss seeing you play in Miami. Get well, enjoy your family and we'll see you playing your spectacular brand of tennis soon.
John Hager
04/07/2016 | 01:28 AM
Roger, vous êtes mon joueur de tennis préféré. J'adore votre style et votre façon de jouer. Merci à vous !