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02/27/2015 | 05:30 AM
Playing with a maybe hot and rash, or just daring young man, Roger? He will try to play big and surprise you. Don't they all? He's friends with a leftie, so he might know about your game, but he doesn't know the extent of it. Clamp down on him, and be swift, but no mercy advised, except at the end. Really, play with instinct, great serving, don't hold back, and get his head spinning. Watch for surprises: stand your ground. Attacking or defending, play within yourself, and "kill" all volleys.
A Friend in Costa Rica
02/27/2015 | 04:38 AM
...with you, don't fall prey to this young man's ambitions, he would love to beat you and Djokovic in Dubai so that he could be proclaimed the next big star of tennis, a giant killer,...well, do not allow him to do that, take courage and fight hard, with your heart and soul, this is important, be hungrier than this kid, be the one who kicks his ass and not the other way around, it's up to you, stop his winning streak, you can do it ! Use your legs, move well, fast and freely around the court.
A Friend in Costa Rica
02/27/2015 | 04:30 AM
...he has already beaten Nadal and Murray, do not, under any circumstances, understimate him, otherwise he could very well stun you in the tournament,....at the same time don't be nervous or stiff, just try to think of this match against this talented teenager as a very good training session for your final match against Djokovic, do not fear or be tense at this occasion, embrace it, ..sure, this kid beat the likes of Nadal and Murray...well, you show him and everybody that that won't be the case
A Friend in Costa Rica
02/27/2015 | 04:22 AM
Okay Roger, Congratulations for your previous three matches in Dubai, you played very well, well done....Now, please listen to me very careful, I hope you are feeling well and are well rested at this point in the tournament because now it will be much more difficult, Borna Coric is a kid not to be taken lightly, I hope you know this well, like he said it himself....I have nothing to lose....and he is right, of course he is going to play his absolute best tennis against you, totally care free...
ABM 110
02/26/2015 | 07:51 PM
Amazing Play @ Dubai so far, Roger. Win the French Open. And Please win Wimbledon 2015 and 2016. I want to watch you play live in the final of Wimbledon, hopefully this year or in 2016. It'll be my first time to watch you on court, probably.
02/26/2015 | 06:03 PM
Congratulations, Maestro, on your win today, best of luck tomorrow! Love you always.
02/26/2015 | 05:41 PM
Bravo, Roger. A very strong first set. Then Richard retired.....oddly reminiscent of fairly recent times, as though he were trying to mirror some event, except he'd publicly said that you hadn't been "as hurt" then. How wrong! Love your serving, your game. Do use great serves, swift swipe of the paws, and a quick stalk of the next opponent. The one he admires is not the one I admire. He will charge, and you bide time, then make him reel back. Luck, Godspeed, Roger! Beautiful tennis, genius tenni