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04/05/2016 | 01:38 PM
Roger, I get to just thrilled to know that I am writing to you. I look forward to see him acting. Tennis loses much of brightness when you are not in court. A big hug from us Brazilians.
04/05/2016 | 01:37 PM
Roger, fico até emocionado só em saber que estou escrevendo para você. Aguardo ansiosamente para vê-lo atuando. O tênis perde muito do brilho quando você não está em quadra. Um abraço forte de nós brasileiros.
04/04/2016 | 10:21 PM
I miss you
Ton tennis nous manque tellement !
Quel ennui sans toi !
Hope you'll win Monte Carlo !
See you soon !!!!!!!!!!
04/04/2016 | 03:52 PM
Hi Roger, All I can offer is encouragment. I hope you'll soon be back on form and playing again. XX
04/04/2016 | 07:30 AM
Hope to see you in Monte Carlo
04/04/2016 | 02:30 AM
Dear Maestro, just saw pictures of you and family playing tennis in Dubai. Children are adorable, especially holding their tennis racquets! They are beautiful. Good luck and hope that your knee is coming along, if not, please don't rush it, we'll wait as long as we must. Love you always.
04/03/2016 | 06:42 PM
Miami isn't the same without you.
In the long run it is getting more and more boring to the same players in the finals. Bit when you are playing it is different everytime you play.Every match of You is different.
I love You so much. You are my idol. :D