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07/08/2014 | 06:31 AM
Dear Roger,
Djokovic antics on court are far from honorable. Cramping and medical time are tactics to mess up his opponents. Andy Roddick caught on to this and Djokovic keeps on playing his games. Do not allow him in any way to get under your skin. Play your game w/ integrity. Stay YOU and remember- yesterday is history-tomorrow a mystery- today is a gift that is why we call it a present. Enjoy our family and just give it your all on the court. Stay well! You are amazing!!
07/08/2014 | 06:19 AM
Dear Roger, I know you were tearing in the end for not having got your 8th Wimbledon Crown, but you were just terrific and as others have pointed out, Novak wanted to break your winning momentum and he achieved it. I know you won't take this advice, but trust me, if you use both hands for your back-stroke, you will do miracles for yourself and we fans will be overwhelmed to see that.
07/08/2014 | 05:41 AM
Dear Roger: thank you! You were as the bbc said: "serene-supreme-superb". The whole world was rooting for You. Djokovic needed a bathroom break and a medical time out because he had to break your momentum. He is as disliked as you are LOVED because even though Djikovic seems a good person off court, he is devious on court. You were the winner! Just coming back from 2-5 was enough to crown you inequivocally the best! We live you!
07/08/2014 | 05:34 AM
Somebody said, and it was very accurate, that Djoker incorporated a lot from the soccer field into his tennis. Every time he is falling on the court, he is acting like he is terribly injured.....he has no class or style. Correction, he does have a style, "Djoker style"- when he is loosing, he calls for a medical help. I am sure we will see this more and more. In my opinion B.Becker did not help him at all. I would say that Djokocic's game was much cleanner before and definitely less cheating...
07/08/2014 | 05:21 AM
Hello Roger, I am heartbroken like many others for the results of the final. You are the Champion.Djokovic would never win the match without calling his "medical" time out.
And he was very aware of it. His tears in the end were fake as well. Somebody from his "team" must have had to watch the interview with the British commentators the evening before, when they were discussing how difficult it is to write in UK about him. They said that it is now easier to write about his coach.
07/08/2014 | 05:06 AM
You proved at yesterday's final match that age is just a number. Fantastic moves, swings, and running around the court at the Wimbledon's final. I am so proud of you! You could walk out of Centre Court with your head held high. Best of luck and best wishes for future Opens and Grand Slams. And huge congratulations on your new twin boys!! You are one incredibly lucky individual in this world!!! Happy fatherhood and I hope your two sets of twins will make amazing mixed doubles in the future:)
07/08/2014 | 04:58 AM
Dear Roger,I am so terribly sorry for the unfavourable outcome yesterday. I was devastated that you were so close to winning this epic,painstaking & incredibly dramatic match. You played incredibly well, but I think Djokovic has figured out all your weapons. He could return your serves & get winners out of them. He also could volley back at the net. Keep working, keep going, keep playing. We place our hope on the next US Open, Australian Open, & next year's Wimbledon. You will reclaim your turf!