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Simply Roger
07/14/2015 | 01:37 AM
By the way in my youth I was a great fan of Stefan Edberg so it's really exciting to see you two, that are monuments in the modern tennis for me, work togheter. I don't know if mr Edberg advices are good for you, I hope so, but you are great examples for young people: two gentlemen against BB (Beefeater Becker)and the farmer Djokovic. Look at his ears! They are really funny!
Simply Roger
07/14/2015 | 12:41 AM
Hi Roger, you know that all the people at Wimbledon wanted you as winner but, sadly, the end has been different. You said that Novack deserved to win but it's not true. His playing is very boring and only your shots have created some exciting moments. I don't know if there'll be another final at Wimbledon for you but it's true you're really the number one! A little disappointed for several unforced errors. Congratulations mr Federer! Your style is a world apart, Novack is light years behind.
Marie M
07/14/2015 | 12:33 AM
Hello the artist. I believed in your victory in finale at Wimbledon. That wasn't made, but as you said That's life! As usual you fought and it is one of things which I like in you, you never give up. You deserve a 18th GC, but however the tennis was marked by your name, by your records, by your magnificent way of playing, so you will stay for ever in the tennis' history.
Roger Federer, the Maestro, the artist, the gardener, we love you, and we are proud of you.
Shamo in Chatsworth, ca...
07/14/2015 | 12:17 AM
Mr federer, Wimbledon is now in the past! I am so so sorry that Sunday's match turned out the way it did! I was sad and devastated, you only deserved that trophy and not your opponent!!! I strongly believe that you will own the upcoming u.s. Open. You are the classiest gentleman ever walked on any tennis court! I wish you, your lovely wife and children good health and happiness!
NZ Mum
07/13/2015 | 11:19 PM
What a fabulous treat you, Andy Murray and Novak all gave tennis fans at Wimbledon. I wish there was such as thing as two winners! You have been and still are such a great role model for sports. It is lovely to know that my children have such a great example to learn from and be inspired by. Thank you ...and there were no losers at Wimbledon. Lots of luck and blessings for the next match!
Jeff in St Aug Fl
07/13/2015 | 11:07 PM
Rog! I've played this game for 42 years. Have been blessed to watch you practice in person in Miami numerous times. It never fails that I can't wait to get out on the court after watching you hit. Was out in 100 deg heat index in Fl, after the Wimbledon final. The way you strike the ball is a rush. Hope you can play as long as you want to!!!! Federerized in St Augustine fl
07/13/2015 | 11:07 PM
Since Edberg became a coach RF started coming to net more often and is losing a lot more points. RF used to beat every kind of Djakovich's, Nadals and all everybody but now he is losing before the match even started. Something wrong with RF psychologically? COme on RF you can beat anyone. I felt terrible you lost the first set first of all in Wimbledon 2015. You should have won this hands down, rather you gave it to Djacko on a platter. He took the cup and you are left with the plate! :-(