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05/11/2015 | 11:58 AM
LOVE watching you play!! Followed your career since 1998 and still loving every moment of it. Hope to see you in top performance next year (2016) when you play in Australian open. This will be my FIRST time watching you play live! Planning this trip since forever!!
What should I do if I want a selfie taken with you then?!
Good luck for the rest of the year ...
A Friend in Costa Rica
05/11/2015 | 10:50 AM
...I knew he did not have anything to lose against you and so he played with all had and very freely, you fought hard, it was a close match but...the young, cocky and ambitious Kyrgios ended up defeating you.....you can change all that Roger, you have what it takes to win big again, I"ll never stop giving you my support. You have to see yourself as if you were any other contender out there and lose the Mythical Federer persona, don't carry that baggage into the tennis court, be hungry again !!!
A Friend in Costa Rica
05/11/2015 | 10:41 AM
...if Murray managed to achieve such a feat you can certainly do it as well because you are a more well rounded player than him, remember your match against Murray at the Masters in London last year ? You defeated Murray 6-1 6-0 , what does that tell you ? If lesser players than you are achieving greatness....you can most definitely achieve it again. I know it was a tough draw for you in Madrid, I warned you about Kyrgios, to be honest with you I wasn't very surprised when Kyrgios defeated you
A Friend in Costa Rica
05/11/2015 | 10:25 AM
Hello Roger...I know no one reads or pays attention to my posts here but still, I want to tell you this...Did you see the Mutua Madrid Open final between Murray and Nadal yesterday ? You most probably did...well Roger, that could have been you instead of Murray, winning the Mutua Madrid Open by beating Nadal, you could have done it, I know it's still in you to achieve something like that,....what Murray acomplished yesterday was great, to beat Nadal on clay and in Spain !...and my point is that
05/11/2015 | 08:24 AM
Roger, good luck on your quest for your first title in Rome. I hope you win it all. I will be praying for your success. God bless. Allez!
05/11/2015 | 08:22 AM
Roger, good luck on your quest for your first title in Rome. I hope you with it all. I will be praying for your success. God bless. Allez!
net best
05/11/2015 | 06:07 AM
Roger, you know you can't hang around with Novak, Murrary and Nadal on baseline. They are super good there. They are also not bad at all at the net. So, your advantage is the net. You not be just a little better than them. You need to be extremely good, far better than them to have a chance to advance in FO or other matches. I hope you raise your level of net play. Practice a lot, a lot more and more. Use your superb net skill to take away their time on a slow clay court. Good luck.