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03/28/2014 | 03:50 AM
Roger, your the most naturally talented player in tennis!! Your effortless style is fun to watch!! Based on what I've seen this year, you are two different players. The focused, aggressive player who want's to win !! The more passive, ambassador to the sport of tennis!! It's really up to you, your game is still there!! Nadal & Djoker are still hungry to make there mark in tennis!! The young players work to be top ten!! Your going to win the French Open...!!! It's your destiny!! A true fan
03/28/2014 | 01:10 AM
I am sure you are sad with this defeat as we are, but nothing is going to change in our minds. No one will play tennis like you anymore. You can be sure of that!
I think you are to give us a nice surprise on clay tournaments that are coming. Just a guess!

Lenin gomez elizondo
03/28/2014 | 12:45 AM
Hello Roger Federer!!!
Please, PLAY the next MONTE CARLO tournament, please, I want to see you there.
03/27/2014 | 08:31 PM
Sorry you lost last night, but this happens occasionally, but you are still the best ever, as your tennis is divine.
Lovely to read the comments from TGRACE about sportsman not shaving and having beards. I agree they look scruffy, sinister and shows a lack of respect if they are not groomed very well. It is even more upsetting if the gentleman is really good looking, and they go and hide the fact. No brainer!! Our Roger is always so smart on and off the Court and long may that reign.
03/27/2014 | 07:43 PM
I'm sad :(! Wish you could've stayed in the USA longer.
Missing you already. See you soon for DC!
03/27/2014 | 06:35 PM
I think the main thing is that it was a competitive match even though Roger didn't play his best tennis. I mean Roger had chances, that's for sure. There were times last year, when I'm sure it would have been a lot harder playing a big talent like Kei. Roger must forget about the loss, learn from it (if there's anything to learn) and keep fighting and improving for the up coming events.

All the best Rog.
03/27/2014 | 05:30 PM
Hey, Rog, I’d just like to say that I REALLY LOVE that you are a clean-shaven man. Yes, I know Gillette is one of your sponsors, but still. I wish other men would do the same. Not shaving on days off, or hangin’ at home?, sure okay, but when it’s time for a public appearance where you’ll be seen by many… well, look your best – and you always do! A nice beard or mustache, fine, but scruff? – yuck. IMHO Men are WAY more handsome & sexy without the scruff. Thanks for setting a nice standard!