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07/08/2016 | 09:31 PM
Hello, Roger
We are always being with you .
Hope no injure to your foot from today's play.
Maybe it is not good to say (impolite to other players), but only your match is wonderful ,your style , your skill and your form is too prefect , I enjoy your every play as a show !!!
Just like a film , no matter how is the ending , your performance is great enough to attract our eyes.
Last , hope you will play in the following Shanghai open in China ,my friends and me decided to support you there!^^
07/08/2016 | 09:11 PM
This must a disappointment to you and your team however, as you said there is more to tennis than Wimbledon. Thank you for giving us a great tournament to watch - some of it was thrilling. Looking forward to seeing you play soon .... it must be something to know that you are the greatest tennis player ever. What an accomplishment and to think your still young and have so much more to look forward to ... all good stuff.
07/08/2016 | 09:09 PM
Great match! Cannot believe that you did not win, you played fantastic, lost.., but that is tennis...
You are a great champion, gentleman and hero to us all!!
07/08/2016 | 09:01 PM
Congratulations on a great tournament and return from injury! I can imagine how much this hurts for you and your team as we, your fans, feel just a little bit of that disappointment. Thank you for the pleasure of watching you play and for inspiring us all. Best wishes, cheering you on always!
Carol MJB
07/08/2016 | 08:45 PM
Dear Roger,

May I applaud you, on a resounding performance. Always a pleasure to watch. You will be back - just believe! You are the King of tennis and crowd adore you, regardless of the result. Looking forward to see you next year in the final best wishes. 💯👑👑🇨🇭🇨🇭🇨🇭
07/08/2016 | 08:44 PM
I feel pain when you lose:( I'm going to have a martini later to face it 😕 I want it so bad for you! I know this one hurts you and your team as well. Crossing my fingers that you are healthy for Olympics and US OPEN. You are still top 3 in the world! Just play to enjoy, not for number 18.
Sincerely Jody
07/08/2016 | 08:37 PM
So very proud of you dear Roger. Please don't feel sad, you are so very courageous & your time will come again to hold a GS trophy. You will always be the one player who gives everything to the sport you love & you are loved & respected for that. Thank you for giving us, your devoted fans, so much enjoyment throughout Wimbledon.

I hope your health will not give you anymore problems. Always love & support you.