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09/07/2014 | 09:44 AM
Bien sûr on aurait voulu que tu gagnes, c'était une occasion en or. Que ceux qui t'insultent et te dises qu'il faut te retirer fassent le même parcours que toi ! Tu restes LE maître, celui qui joue du tennis beau à voir, intense dans les échanges, élégant et fin dans la recherche du meilleur jeu. A bientôt Roger, ne baisses pas les bras, on t'aime.
09/07/2014 | 09:09 AM
Heartbroken for you. But even in defeat I know no one will ever be your equal in grace, skill, ability and beauty on court, and intelligence, sense of fun and sportsmanship both on and off court. You're a one off and we love you for it, even as we hurt to see you lose. I have never felt the respect and admiration about a sportsperson as I feel for you. And what's more for precious few other public figures. And as I know you know so well, there's always a next time! Keep on keeping on!
09/07/2014 | 07:45 AM
Nice to see some positive posts..!! Haters, your all immature nobodies..!! We are blessed to have a player of Rogers stature still grinding it out @ 33..!! Can't we as fans just say Cilic played a great Match..!! Djoker got beat, STAN got beat, etc, etc..!! The Final is being played by # 10 & 14, they outplayed there opponent... Period...!! Tiger Woods, one of the all time greats in Golf, has not one a major in 5 Years, not even close..!! Fed is still Knocking at the Door @ 33 in Tennis, BRAVO
09/07/2014 | 06:46 AM
Dear Roger, you truly are an amazing athlete and the best tennis player! I have enjoyed watching you play in all of the slams and other tourneys through your career. I am thankful each time you step out on the court to play, especially now that my son (10yo) watches with me because he gets to see not only an outstanding player but also a true gentleman. Your fitness, dedication, and love of the game will continue to keep you at the top. You are surrounded by a great team & family & tons of fans!
Hec tor Chirinos
09/07/2014 | 06:27 AM
Dear Roger, despite loosing to Cilic today, you are inspiration to all of us who love the sport and who admire gentlemen.
You have demonstrated through your career enough talent and professionalism to gain a position as THE GREATEST of all times.
Congratulations, keep the good work and hope to see you in Peru, my country, one day.
Padma Wickramasinghe
09/07/2014 | 06:17 AM
Dear Roger,You are still the Greatest Player.No one can ever match your game and style.It's a treat to watch you play.Keep playing your beautiful game and you will win many more tournaments including Grand Slams.So look forward to the future.Iam a 77 year old grand mother and I've been watching every match you played for the past several years.Our Prayers,Blessings and Positive Energy are with you,dear son.Wish you,Mirka and kids Good Health.Wish you success in your preparation and matches.
Sonja Peschel
09/07/2014 | 06:03 AM
You nearly played a perfect US open although you didn't make it to the final. yesterday during the break due to the weather conditions in New York we saw the review of your carrier and discovered that noboby in the last 15 Years stayed so long in the Top Ten and most of the player you have confronted the last 16 Years already retired. What a great history.