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05/16/2015 | 07:48 AM
Loved your match against Berdych. You inspire me so much.
Keep being you.
Good luck against Stan.
A Friend in Costa Rica
05/16/2015 | 06:23 AM
..remember ? He played so hard against you that I think he was one of the reasons you could not play at the final against Djokovic the next day. Try to focus on your own agenda only and play to win, you both know each other's game perfectly well, make the best use of that fact, defeat Wawrinka so you can be at the final and beat Djokovic, Novak is so full of himself, he gets so angry when he starts losing, like if he was never suppossed to lose, I know you can win the Rome title, COME ON ROGER !
A Friend in Costa Rica
05/16/2015 | 06:14 AM
...fighting hard to back up your honest desire to achieve it. Well Roger, Nadal didn't win, Wawrinka did and now it is up to you to relax and have the right mentality to overcome your friend Wawrinka, it seems to me that you are a very affable person and it's one of the reasons why I support you as a tennis player and as a person...but please try not to be very affable in your match against Wawrinka, he is going to try to beat you real hard just he did back at the masters inLondon last year, ...
A Friend in Costa Rica
05/16/2015 | 06:05 AM
Hi Roger, I'm very happy and proud of you that you succeeded against Berdych, very well done, Berdych can be a tough opponent and you stood your ground ! Congratulations for being in the Semifinals, I was hoping that you would face your nemesis Nadal at the semis so that you could defeat him as well, you know Roger, it's all mental, I'm sure that if you would had to face Nadal tomorrow you would had beaten him, it only takes you to really make up your mind about making something happen and fight
05/16/2015 | 05:52 AM
We like STAN, but you are our KING, so go to the tennis court and play your best!
Make sure your 1st serve is IN!
05/16/2015 | 05:44 AM
Dear Maestro, all the best for tomorrow and definitely for the final! Love you always.
05/16/2015 | 05:41 AM
Roger,. you seem off even when you are winning I might be out of order but where is Mirka. I had 4 kids but I was always by my husband when he needed me. She can hire a nanny for crying out loud. you need supports and I do not see it from her and you need all the supports you can get. Tell her to get out of the nursey and supports her husband
your days are limited. and you are the goat to the world. Tell her to show up and supports you