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09/15/2015 | 10:02 PM
Dear Roger,

Its ok, I'm sad because you can´t win, but we must turn the page quickly and focus on what's coming: Davis Cup.
I hope the 2016 is your best year, you can win the Grand Slam and the gold medal in the Olympics.
But, you must change what prevented him from winning these tournaments: anxiety, impatience, you must wait for the right moment, calm down and finish the points well.
Nole has worked that and it shows.
Practice meditation, controling your breathing, mind and emotions, your anxiety, you can see better the moves of his opponents.
You already have everything else, technique, improvisation, magic, physical strength and you Already proved it can play many hours.
You can improve and show why it is and will be the best ever.

Come on !! don´t give up you can do it.
You have time until Australian Open.
09/15/2015 | 09:13 PM
Dear Roger,
I can't express my pleasure at every game that I see you play. You have been my role model to always strive and be better at whatever I do. I know what a huge disappointment it must be not to win, but I know tennis is more to you than just winning. It is because of you that I started playing tennis, and as long as you continue to be your best, it will inspire me to go on.
Looking forward to more such pleasures, I hope to see you play live someday.
Best wishes.
09/15/2015 | 08:22 PM
Cher Roger,

Merci pour la formidable performance à l'US Open, cela a fait grand plaisir de te voir en top forme! Je suis confiant que tu arrivera à resoudre le petit problème psychologique qu'il y a face à certains joueurs. Sans cela, on a vu que tu as le punch, la rapidité et le suprême pour battre quiconque, n'importe où. Good luck. Mark
09/15/2015 | 07:35 PM
Dear Roger,
How is it possible that the GOAT seems to choke every time he plays a GS-final? At Wimbledon and at the US Open you were the best player of the field. Yet, in the finals you seem to lose your best game. You could have had 20 GS's already a long time ago. I am sure about that. Is it a lack of the right mentality at the 'moment supreme'?? I sure hope not. You play like a young God. I will enjoy your game again at the Australian Open 2016. But please, win another Slam...finally!
09/15/2015 | 07:03 PM
ROGER FEDERER es el mejor
tenista de todo el mundo;
el más creativo; el más fecundo;
y en su vivir: un gran señor;
practica el tenis con amor,
Nadie jugará como él;
será siempre en el papel,
gran favorito para ganar;
su tenis siempre va a agradar
porque es de altísimo nivel.
09/15/2015 | 06:29 PM
I do not see how anyone can suggest that a match has nothing to do with the opponent. Novak is no 1 for a reason - other people find him difficult to play against too In addition to the fact that he plays good tennis Roger and others may find his sneering at the crowd shouting and gesticulating difficult to cope with. In my humble opinion Novak upsets the concentration of his opponents in various perhaps psychological ways as well as playing good tennis - he is a very difficult opponent for all.
Strange Require
09/15/2015 | 06:17 PM
Hello Mr. Federer, here is Henry Wong from Hong Kong.

Firstly, I am sorry to know that you lost the US Open final. I wish you can get final champion in ATP Final in London Nov. 2015. I believe you can.

Actually, I will marry on 5 November 2015. I really want to do something unforgettable in the wedding party for my Fiancee on that day. Actually, I am not rich people, I cannot afford to arrange any special for her. Now, I am learning to play Guitar (She doesn't know), I hope I can sing a song to her in the party. However, I think it's not enough.

I know, it is extremely difficult to make it happen like a dream. However, I would like to ask, if you can speak a few sentences for our wedding party, I think it must be unforgettable memory for both of us because you are our idol since we watch tennis together from first day. I know it's strange require, however, I really really hope you can do it, just few sentences are fine. I believe it's extremely surprise for her and all guests.

Look forward your reply.

Henry Wong from Hong Kong