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03/16/2015 | 02:08 AM
Roger, you did it - congratulations! good luck
for your next match. :o)
03/15/2015 | 11:06 PM
Sincere good luck Roger,hope the weather is not too extreme.
03/15/2015 | 07:06 PM
^^JASONJOSEPH, you just wrote in a post a couple below mine, about what I think is possible! Very much so. Not as a command demand, but a real possibility. I am glad that you share my feelings and observations on this matter, as I am sure others do, too! Jawohhl, Roger!
03/15/2015 | 07:03 PM
There is a "runner" on the other side of the court, Roger, but the "net" is in his way! You do know what to do with such a player. Feel well, and always always trust your reflexes and instincts, and take any opportunities. You weapons and skills are out of this world. Mostly, enjoy yourself, enjoy this sport that you love and elevated in many ways. Keep cool if it's hot, and hydrate. Luck, Godbless, and take Diego out, please!
03/15/2015 | 11:26 AM
Hi Federer , in your records most Grand Slam finals played (24).* and its wrong becouse its (25) final in grand slam please correct , i hope it will be 20 grand slam at the end of the year , God bless you Roger
03/15/2015 | 04:49 AM
Go on being a champion of Life. Warm Regards!!!!! God bless you and your beautiful family
Saikat Mitra
03/14/2015 | 05:57 PM
Hey Roger!!!!!!
Wish You 'ALL THE BEST' For The Indian Wells Tourney.......May You Go One Step Further As Compared To Last Year And Lift The Trophy.