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10/12/2014 | 12:43 PM
Many Congratulations Roger on winning the Shanghai Final. Well done and in 2 sets.
Fantastic. Kind regards.

Lisette Borkens
10/12/2014 | 12:40 PM
Congratulations with your Victory in the final
And the toemakend Victory in Sjanghai.
Dear Roger love you as fan. Hope to meet
so soon in person with love Lisette Enschede
The Netherlands.
10/12/2014 | 12:40 PM
Herrlich! Wunderbar! Ein Traum! Diesen Sieg hat Roger mehr als verdient,
alles ist nun möglich. Der Trainerwechsel, das neue Racket - all das waren gute Entscheidungen, die ihre positive Wirkung immer mehr zeigen.
Ich freue mich mit ungezählten Fans über Rogers Erfolge.
Danke, Roger, samt Team & Familie!
Nesi Muthucumaru
10/12/2014 | 12:26 PM
Good luck, Roger! May the Force of Good Energy be with you!
A Friend in Costa Rica
10/12/2014 | 09:28 AM
A Friend in Costa Rica
10/12/2014 | 09:25 AM
...I hope that you were Abel to get plenty of mental and physical rest before your match against Simon, that's always important......and .now that you've made it to the final .....make victory happen for you and get that title.....do not let your guard down for one second....be careful with Simon's backhand to the parallel lines when your making your approach to the net, beware of those possible passing shots from him, his backhand to the parallel is one of the best out there, you can win Roger
A Friend in Costa Rica
10/12/2014 | 09:14 AM

Congratulations Roger !!! You played and amazing match against Djokovic, I've always known that you are capable of defeating this guy or Nadal when you are totally focused and determined to win...good for you Roger, very proud of you...like always. Listen Roger...please do not underestimate Guilles Simon for one second, maybe the Head to Head between you and him favors you but that doesn't mean anything and you know it, win the final Roger, you can do it...so just go for it and WIN !!