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03/14/2015 | 12:05 AM
Hi all,anyone please tell me what time and day Rogers first match?
I can't find info on the web.UK time please,much thank's...Johnny.
stay aggressive
03/13/2015 | 07:44 PM
I must've watched hundreds of your matches and I concluded that, esp. at this stage, majority of the time you come out being aggressive and stay aggressive, you end up winning even though you might lose a point or two or more at the net due to the passing shot. Don't be afraid of the passing shots, keep going to the net, keep pressuring your opponents. You will find that they will make more errors than you. That's the only way to beat the other big three. If you play safe, they will kill you.
Indian Wells 2015
03/13/2015 | 03:25 AM
My wife of 39 years, Patricia D., from Bend, Oregon has been an ardent Roger Federer fan for the last 15-years--ever since Roger first hit the tennis scene. Realizing a 15-year-long dream, she is traveling to Indian Wells for the 2015 tournament there. Her main interest there is the opportunity to see Roger play "live" and "in person". On behalf of Roger, I wish him the very best of success at Indian Wells. I want my wife to return home happy in this, her Big Adventure.
A Friend in Costa Rica
03/13/2015 | 03:10 AM
....Blessings and the best of lucks to you, remember to focus 100 % when you play and try to to become as hungry as the opponent in front of you, don't forget that all the lesser opponents will try to make a name for themselves by defeating you, you know this...so prepare physically and mostly mentally for that, be all business on the court...you are a nice person but don't be too nice on the court, play tough and be hungry Roger....if you do decide to win and play to win you will win, go Roger
A Friend in Costa Rica
03/13/2015 | 03:01 AM
If your first opponent turns out to be Jercy Janowicz then you have to focus a hundred percent during this match, shwartzmann is a very good small tennis player too, not to be underestimated either...but if Janowicz defeats Schwatzmann and advances to play against you....then watch out, I'm sure I don't need to warn you about him, you've played against him before and you know how strong, potent and dangerous he can be...so please be a hundred percent into your game if you play against him, bless
A Friend in Costa Rica
03/13/2015 | 02:54 AM
Hello Roger, it's me again, I hope you are having a great time at Indian Wells with the rest of the Big Four and so many other friends of yours over there. I would like to give you some humble advice, is that okay ? At this early stage of the tournament a mental trick that might be helpful for you would be to make it a goal not to be the first member of the Big Four to get stunned or eliminated from the competition, no matter what, not to be the first one, I feel and hope like it could help you.
beat Nadal
03/12/2015 | 05:45 AM
Remember Indian Wells in 2013 where Nadal took advantage of your injured back and beat you? Guess what? he is on the same side as you may meet you again before the final. This time, use your new weapon - strong serve, lots and lots of net play and volley, aggressive like the way you played against Djokovic. Beat Nadal, that's my dream and your mission