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05/16/2015 | 05:44 AM
Dear Maestro, all the best for tomorrow and definitely for the final! Love you always.
05/16/2015 | 05:41 AM
Roger,. you seem off even when you are winning I might be out of order but where is Mirka. I had 4 kids but I was always by my husband when he needed me. She can hire a nanny for crying out loud. you need supports and I do not see it from her and you need all the supports you can get. Tell her to get out of the nursey and supports her husband
your days are limited. and you are the goat to the world. Tell her to show up and supports you
05/16/2015 | 05:19 AM
So good to see you playing so well against old foes. I can see you winning the tournament. Hope you do cos we get to see you playing great tennis for some more matches. You seem to be hitting form at the right time in the build-up to RG and Wimby. Good luck with your match against Stan tonight.
05/16/2015 | 04:25 AM
Oh yeah!! is the art in tennis.
Come, on! for the conquest of Roma, you can do it.
Just relax and play.

05/16/2015 | 12:54 AM
Swiss boys looking good this week ! Go Fed ! Fan
Padma Wickramasinghe
05/16/2015 | 12:35 AM
Dear Roger,Stan played amazing tennis in the QF to win in straight sets against Nadal.Roger,you are the Greatest and you can win against any opponent.Just believe in yourself and keep your confidence high.Be calm and stay focused 100% all the way.Fight for every point with determination to lift the trophy.Visualise it.May your serve and shots work perfectly to give you a win against Stan in straight sets.We send you our Prayers,Blessings and Positive Energy,dear son.Good Luck to you.
05/15/2015 | 11:30 PM