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07/09/2016 | 03:33 PM
Hello, Roger. It's a pain to see you disappointed. I wanted to see you win the championship, but we all knew your condition wasn't the best. Still, we witnessed your maximum efforts and courage. Your brave heart and beautiful tennis moved everyone. Do you know how special you are for many many people? Since you never give up, we never give up supporting you. We just want to see your happy smile. Please take a good rest and come back soon. I hope your leg is ok. No more injury. I love you, Roger.
07/09/2016 | 03:30 PM
Cher Roger Federer,
Nous avons vécu avec intensité ton match avec Raonic. Le match a été formidable mais ton accident au cinquième set nous a donné des frisons froids dans le dos. Gagner Wimbledon cet année aurais pu etre un formidable exploit mais le fait que tu es arrivé au quart de finale est déjà un succès. Notre support et notre encouragement pour toi restera toujours et le plus important est de te savoir en santé et de pouvoir continuer l'année 2016. Courage Roger, courage !
07/09/2016 | 03:29 PM
Lieber Roger Federer,
Wir lebten mit Intensität Ihr Spiel mit Raonic. Das Spiel war toll, aber Ihr Unfall im fünften Satz gab uns kalte Locken in den Rücken. Win Wimbledon in diesem Jahr konnte eine enorme Leistung, aber die Tatsache, dass Sie mit dem Viertelfinale kam, ist bereits ein Erfolg. Unsere Unterstützung und Ermutigung für Sie und wird es immer bleiben das wichtigste ist, dass Sie gesund und im Jahr 2016. Roger Courage, Mut, weiterzumachen
07/09/2016 | 03:28 PM
Dear Roger Federer,
We lived with intensity your match with Raonic. The match was great but your accident in the fifth set gave us cold curls in the back. Win Wimbledon this year could be a tremendous achievement but the fact that you came to the quarter-final is already a success. Our support and encouragement for you and will always remain the most important is you healthy and to continue in 2016. Roger Courage, courage!
Vijay federer
07/09/2016 | 02:46 PM
hai roger dont worry your semifinal lost. you just play tennis it is enough for fans , not win or lose or slams. we not like slams, titles or records. we like only your game and you.
Vijay federer
07/09/2016 | 02:45 PM
hai roger dont worry your semifinal lost. you just play tennis it is enough for fans , not win or lose or slams. we just see your game not win or lose.
07/09/2016 | 02:20 PM
There are players, there are good players and there are champions.
But remember... there is only one reference, one legend and gentleman with a golden touch...