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01/28/2016 | 11:05 PM
Dear Roger,
To me you are always THE WINNER.
01/28/2016 | 10:42 PM
Thankyou for some wonderful matches this AO. Unfortunately you were not at your scintillating best in the first two games last night. We were rewarded in the 3rd with some fantastic shotmaking and better focus. To my eyes your mind/consciousness was in a blur as you walked onto court. Novak on the other hand was looking clear bright and triumphant. He uses yoga and meditation to put himself in the zone. Please think about it. I know you have great mental toughness and can out shine Novak.
01/28/2016 | 09:58 PM
Dear Roger,

It's becoming a pattern: you play brilliantly before semis and finals, but after that - not so much. Why don't you do it differently, play sloppy before semis and finals, but then kick everyone's butt? Works for Djoker.

Love always, your New York fans
Mr nobody
01/28/2016 | 09:11 PM
Something's happening here, What it is ain't exactly clear, There's a man with a racket over there, Telling us we've got to beware !!!!!
01/28/2016 | 08:45 PM
My guess is this wasn't among the matches he was offered $200,000 to throw
01/28/2016 | 07:49 PM
Dear friend from Kanada, although I understand your patriotism, Milos probably 70% won't enter the final. Murray has something to say about this. But good for you, Murray will loose against djokovic in the final. Hope u are happy with this result as well
01/28/2016 | 07:37 PM
Dear Roger tough night. I hope your fans realize that Novack will not let you get to
the net. I don't understand how he plays sub standard, but when it comes to the
sem's and final he all of a sudden can do this. Seems fishy to me. You had a great
tournament, I know that you will be disappointed in the results, but as a long time
fan it was great to see you flying around the court again. We love your play. Let us
see what Milos can do against Novak. Would be nice to see Milos win. Love to all