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Padma Wickramasinghe
09/07/2014 | 06:17 AM
Dear Roger,You are still the Greatest Player.No one can ever match your game and style.It's a treat to watch you play.Keep playing your beautiful game and you will win many more tournaments including Grand Slams.So look forward to the future.Iam a 77 year old grand mother and I've been watching every match you played for the past several years.Our Prayers,Blessings and Positive Energy are with you,dear son.Wish you,Mirka and kids Good Health.Wish you success in your preparation and matches.
Sonja Peschel
09/07/2014 | 06:03 AM
You nearly played a perfect US open although you didn't make it to the final. yesterday during the break due to the weather conditions in New York we saw the review of your carrier and discovered that noboby in the last 15 Years stayed so long in the Top Ten and most of the player you have confronted the last 16 Years already retired. What a great history.
09/07/2014 | 05:35 AM
Guys, nobody has the right to ask Roger to retire. He is playing much better in 2014, he LOVES playing tennis and we love watching him. It is heartbreaking for him and for his fans to see him lose another match and deprive him of GS#18. He can't win all the time and it's amazing he can play at this high level. He may even become World#1 again @age 33! We hope that Roger will improve his fitness and confidence which are the issues to make him beat top players on a hot run and play 5-set matches.
09/07/2014 | 05:28 AM
It had been clear to me how Cilic was playing even before the amtch. he had a very certain, satisfied, smug look, and his had visibly filled out. That;s not just becoming manly. You are sportsmalike, and I understad why you say what you say, but here again we ahve an asence, and then a vastly improved game, both in power and skill. I don't care for those who want to win at any price, and there are a few among the players. You are there, close. Chance. Roger, you play straight-up!!!!!
09/07/2014 | 05:21 AM
Roger, tough luck for losing at the semis. Were you not aware that you may be playing a NEW Cilic after he beat Berdych in straight sets & has Ivanesevic as coach? It was a day match, you played more night matches so needed big adjustments. Bad luck you had to play 5 sets vs. Monfils in the quarters & this took everything out of you. Please examine your mindset during break points. You should ram your opponent like a freight train in set 1 to crush their confidence. Another slam slipped away!
09/07/2014 | 05:07 AM
Dear Roger, you had a great North America summer; all fans are proud of you. Last night it didn't mean to be, but you are my hero and no.1 :-))) All true fans are happy to have you as the greatest tennis player and also the most consistent one. Good luck in Davis Cup and rest of the season. I believe in you and support you; win or lose.
09/07/2014 | 05:05 AM
you are old and done roger
dont play anymore
your performance today
prove us
that you cant win anymore
losing against cilic
that was so embarrasing
to all of us roger