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07/07/2014 | 08:52 PM
Bonjour Roger!
Je tiens à t'encourager et te remercier pour ces grands moments que tu nous fais vivre. Quel joie de te revoir à un tel niveau de jeu toujours plein de grâces. Merci pour tout les efforts que tu fais. On pense fort à toi et on te souhaite de jouer à ce niveau encore longtemps. Moi j'espère jusqu'à tes 40 ans!!
Je suis tellement heureux quand tu joues! Et les émotions que tu me fais vivre! Je te souhaite le meilleur Roger! J'espère que tu es encore motivé !! Courage Continue ! love
Basel Boy
07/07/2014 | 08:43 PM
Hey Rog, Super super tennis im Wimbledon. We enjoyed watching your elegant and excellent athleticism fur alles. I was really feeling that you were going to hammer Djokovic after that world class comeback in d'4th set. Very very close Fed. Hopp Schwiiz! Allez! On to the hard courts. US Open '14, WINNER: Roger Federer!
07/07/2014 | 08:25 PM
Bravo! Bravo et encore bravo Roger!
Même dans la défaite, vous avez tant de classe.
Vous gagnez, je suis euphorique; vous perdez et je partage votre déception.
Merci pour votre grand savoir-faire.
D'autres grands jours sont à venir, j'en suis certain.
07/07/2014 | 08:18 PM
Everyone I know feels that you were robbed of the title. You had the momentum going and Novak took that 3 1/2 min break because he was tired and never had another problem - Of course McEnroe used to do this all the time between opponents serve - tie his shoelaces, etc. Shame on Novak. You are the most amazing tennis player ever. And what a gentleman - thank you.
07/07/2014 | 08:04 PM
Dear Roger, I was very, very sad when you lost but overall you played a fantastic match which we all really enjoyed. Tennis won't be fun watching without you playing. Anyway, I hope you have a good rest with your family, regroup yourself and be ready for the Masters and US Open. We still believe you can win Slams, at Wimbledon you just lack a bit of luck really. You worked so hard, so you will be rewarded. Just believe in yourself. We love you forever and ever.
07/07/2014 | 07:57 PM
07/07/2014 | 07:55 PM
mr federer
u need to win a few more grandslams. if u dont, lenny and leo would say "dad, we never saw u winning"
thing about it