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03/12/2015 | 04:39 AM
Glad to see you at IW! Hope you have an enjoyable and successful tournament. Be well, and at times be audacious! You are wonderful at doing that since you have those amazing skills and weapons. It is "happy times" when I can you on the court!
Philly fan
03/12/2015 | 03:22 AM
Thoroughly enjoyed Madison Square Gardens exhibition last night. After watching you for many years on TV it was great to see you live. Your elegance on the court
your amazing skills were so enjoyed by everyone present. Good luck for the year and I hope your dream of becoming NO1 again and winning Wimbledon will become a reality.
03/12/2015 | 12:00 AM
Great time last night at Madison square garden! Hope you & Gregor did as well. Thank you for signing my ball ! I've been trying for years. All my best to you in Indian wells !!!
03/11/2015 | 10:41 PM
You have some nice sponsors there. Believe it or not, I grew up in Beaverton, Oregon, the official home of NIKE. It rains every day and it is cold but those folks can make some shoes and clothes, n'est ce pas? I can't believe they make you go over there. It must be like a different planet to you. They chill their red wine. Just sayin.... Have a wonderful tournament. I know you will do well.
03/11/2015 | 10:28 PM
I love you more than life. I think you have an excellent chance to win this tournament. I am so happy to see you. My best to you and the family. You are a winner, on the court and in life.
A Friend in Costa Rica
03/11/2015 | 08:48 AM
the best for Indian Wells, I wish I could be there but that's an unreachable dream for a guy like me, I hope you enjoy yourself at the tournament and don't become too distracted with all the interviews and the Moet Chandon private events and things like that, just try to keep it real and focus on your game, which, at the end, is all that counts, envision the first matches as very training for you not as threatining attempts from the other players to stun Federer the legend, get hungry,determined
A Friend in Costa Rica
03/11/2015 | 08:36 AM
...you, who look up to you and tell you how great you are all the time, it must be tough sometimes....I guess I am one of those hardcore fans who are always asking you to win every single tournament, I guess I get a little carried away trying to motivate you to win....as if you needed it ! I've always been respectful of you and always have sent you my support whether you win or lose and that's how it'll always be, my support is not only to the tennis player but to the real person, I wish you...