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01/29/2016 | 08:11 AM
Hi Roger, I just saw your post-match interview at Aussie Open. You really have class in and out of the court. Looking forward to seeing you at the next Grand Slam final :-)
01/29/2016 | 07:11 AM
We want to thank you So much for all your incredible tennis you have showed us ..again..all theese days .What a level you still are playing at..marvelous..We have loved seeing all your matches,and the way just You can play.One loss doesn`t change that..We are so happy you still want to play for us...And allways your handsaome behaviour off cort..just a pleasure to see..your interwievs etc..Great everywhere..You can be Very proud of your self,We Are.:-) :-)
01/29/2016 | 07:06 AM
You are the real gentleman of tennis and give lots of time to your fans. You are still number 1 to a lot of people. No one is more disappointed then you about last nights game and when the media asks stupid questions you had the best reply. You only have to hear the roar of the crowd to know that you are appreciated and I look forward to many more matches live and on television because you are certainly not done and dusted yet.
01/29/2016 | 06:41 AM
first set, you got frustrated. You tried to win back, but missed some easy shots. you tried many ways, some great shots, but he hit back. You started doubting if you could win. You won the 3rd set. You started believing. Then, in third set, you played a loose game, lost the set. You lost hope, hit wild forehand. In contracts, Novak had only one mental state in the whole match: belief. Roger, you are ice, but please be nasty in competition.
01/29/2016 | 06:37 AM
Roger, I hope you and your coach look at these questions: #1 why Novak (and Nadal in the past) plays far better against you than he plays against others. Why you play others far better than you play Novak 9and Nadal) #2 Why di you play far better against top guys 10 years ago and in big moment #3 You yourself dais it's not about age. then what? I have only one answer: belief. I could almost see your mind going through ups and downs as the match progressed. You started believing. You lost
01/29/2016 | 06:25 AM
We need to be clear and avoid sentiments. Roger's current level cannot match up with Djokovic. I am not sure if it is as good as Murray at the moment until he takes on him. I was a little suspect grom what I saw at the world tennis in December but didn't count on it because it was only for entertainment. The tour this year will be won by players who can match Djokovic's level which to me is the benchmark. Murray said recently their could be a window should their be a drop.
01/29/2016 | 05:11 AM
Not only are you a fabulous tennis player but a real gentleman of a player on and off the court; a rare quality in the world of tennis today. Keep playing; many people will keep watching because it's you. And remember when the media asks stupid questions, what do they know about being not only a No 1 tennis player and human being in all aspects of your life. I look forward to many more matches live and on television.