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01/16/2015 | 07:12 PM
It is such a contrast when I see players who fling about their centre of gravity, and their energy and still manage to win. Well, at leat one game or so. The way you play, your energy is centerd in your torso, and all the rest is lined up, when possible, to gather the FORCE around you and direct it ina balanced, exact and powerful way. That takes real control of muscles, movement, focus, everything! A great weapon that you always had....and will serve you wonderfully well at the AO in 2015, too
Mark jennings
01/16/2015 | 06:11 PM
Hey Roger, Mark Jennings here from Bermuda, wow, what a great career!!! Here in Bermuda we love you!!! I host a sports show called "The Sports Zone" on talk radio Magic 102.7 I would love to have an interview with you..just a minute of your time to talk about your amazing career and the future for (#1, my nick name for you) if possible have someone e-mail me please grsasoccer@gmail.com Bermuda would love to hear from you! again congrats on a great career and may God continue to bless you
01/16/2015 | 04:42 PM
I feel the fire burning inside you, with economy, ready for flames when needed.
pari foot
Martin Lyon
01/16/2015 | 04:41 PM
Félicitation pour ta victoire à Brisbane! Bonne chance à l'Open Australie et on est tous avec toi!
01/16/2015 | 04:19 PM
So the draw is out, Roger! You have to slash your way through it, or pace your way through it. http://www.signetonavenir.org/ test
Ramona MM
01/16/2015 | 12:02 PM
Looking forward to see you cruising through AO. You are an inspiration, not only for the tennis fans but for the humanity #perseverance #class #innovation #resilience #charity
Samuel Pallapati
01/16/2015 | 05:55 AM
Looks like Roger's potential opponents can be Murray, Rafa, and Djoker. Its amazing that he draws all three to his side , so many times ! Ok Roger, go show them you still got it .