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A Friend in Costa Rica
10/12/2014 | 09:14 AM

Congratulations Roger !!! You played and amazing match against Djokovic, I've always known that you are capable of defeating this guy or Nadal when you are totally focused and determined to win...good for you Roger, very proud of you...like always. Listen Roger...please do not underestimate Guilles Simon for one second, maybe the Head to Head between you and him favors you but that doesn't mean anything and you know it, win the final Roger, you can do it...so just go for it and WIN !!

Selvam C
10/12/2014 | 08:39 AM
Hi Roger. I am very happy you have reached the Shanghai ATP - 1000 Master finals defeating Novak. Great to watch you again. The last point was superb. All the best for the finals.
10/12/2014 | 08:04 AM
SuperRoger quel match face à N Djokovic ! Go pour la finale ;)

Et s'il vous plait ,venez à Bercy .LOVE and SUPPORT bisous à vous et vos 5 amours ♥♥♥♥
10/12/2014 | 07:39 AM
Dear Roger
Absolutely stunning performance. Feels really great to see you win these kinds of matches. It felt like a final and just when it looked like the Djoker might try to make a comeback in the 2nd set you kept it all together. Way to go champ. By no means can you underestimate Simon today. If you stay in control mentally and physically the win is yours. You came through a tough match this should be easier. Win it!!!
10/12/2014 | 06:36 AM

I rep an artist who painted an incredible painting of you. It was from the Cincinnati Tournament last year I think. Are you interested in seeing it?

(I did not know how else to contact you, so forgive me if this is not the proper avenue.)

You are an amazingly skilled tennis player.


Lynda from Michigan
10/12/2014 | 05:36 AM
Hallo Roger !!! Einfach genial dein Match gegen Novak.Traumhaft dir beim Tennis zuzuschauen. Unglaublich wie schnell und leichtfüssig du gestern auf dem Court gewesen bist!( Mann könnte meinen das du erst 20. Jahre alt bist). 😁Ich bin stolz ein riesiger Fan zu sein.So wie es aussieht ist mit deiner Karriere noch lange nicht schluss.Das freut uns natürlich noch mehr von deinen Tenniskünsten verzaubert zu werden!!! Ich wünsche dir auf jeden Fall beste Gesundheit und Glück auf deinem Weg (Profi).
10/12/2014 | 04:22 AM
Hey Roger..so cool to see you in the winner's circle. Hope you can keep this form going to end of year and Australian Open too of course! Good luck for the final which we will all be watching. Gotta beat Simon to establish a precedent for Davis Cup. You can do it!