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A Friend in Costa Rica
07/13/2015 | 07:24 PM
HELLO ROGER, YES, IT'S ME, A FRIEND OF YOURS FROM COSTA RICA,....WELL, WHAT CAN I SAY AT THIS TIME ? FIRST, I HAVE TO ADMIT THAT I WAS TRULY BROKEN HEARTED THAT YOU LOST AGAINST DJOKOVIC, I KNEW hOW IMPORTANT THIS WIMBEDON WAS FOR YOU. Second, I am still proud of you and will always be proud of you, there is no shame in trying hard and failing, you did try to win this final, it just wasn't so. I am especially proud of the way you played against Murray. I have always told you, well, I know you
07/13/2015 | 06:08 PM
Mr Federer, You are an ageless Wonder !! Great Tournament !! Unfortunately, Novak is in the Prime of his career !! Tough to beat a Monster with a Sledge Hammer !! Your Tennis Style is Mezmerising, a joy to watch !! I hope you continue to play for many more Years !! Continued Success !! Fan
07/13/2015 | 05:37 PM
Roger we love from ARGENTINA!!!!!!!!!
07/13/2015 | 05:37 PM
Very sorry about the Wimbledon loss, but you played very, very well. Right now, Novak is just a step or two faster than you, but not much. You are a world treasure.
07/13/2015 | 05:36 PM
Dear Roger
From Argentina thank you, thank you, thank you we love you and admire.
07/13/2015 | 05:09 PM
Dear Roger,
Your match against Murray was the finest display of tennis I have ever seen. It doesn't matter that you lost to the double-jointed Serb, just please continue to play and to give us all the pleasure of watching you in action for many years to come.
07/13/2015 | 04:56 PM
I am filled with deep sadness and disappointment by the loss yesterday. I have really wanted you to win the Wimbledon Final for the 8th time. I wanted so badly one more Grand Slam for you, to see you hold up the trophy one more time on the balcony. Oh well, let's move onto the next possibility - the US Open! No more unforced errors and may your serves continue to be deadly. Find a way to tackle those return drop shots and win all the tiebreakers!! You will always be the best in our hearts!