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07/27/2016 | 04:08 PM
Dear Roger
I'm so sad to hear the news but I completely support your decision.
I want you to focus on rehabilitation and fully recover!!!

We love you!!!
07/27/2016 | 03:06 PM
Dear Maestro,,
No worry ,,just get healthy and we will be waiting on fire for the strong RETURN of the KING,,,
While waiting for so, tennis will be very faint, colourless and odourless .
We ask Allah for quick recovery and quick powerful return.
07/27/2016 | 02:54 PM
First I want to thank you for giving me a very memorable summer by playing in Halle, Stuttgart and Wimbledon. I went to all three and very fortunately you were playing. You have to know that we enjoy seeing you play and we will support you no matter what. It must have been hard for you to make the decision to end the season because we know how much you wanted to win titles again. We are with you through this. Take as much time as you need but do come back and come back stronger!
07/27/2016 | 02:30 PM
Dear Roger, it is very dissapointing news but I respect your decission. After all, your health is most important to you, your family and us, your fans. Hope you make quality and speedy recovery. I wish one day to have a chance to watch you play from the stands.( wishful thinking.....)
Needless to say, you will be greately missed on tennis courts!!!
Keep up your spirits and best of luck :-)
07/27/2016 | 12:36 PM
Dear Roger,
You must know that we'll miss you but it is worth watching you play again.And I'm sure that you won't give up.Struggle on.I hope you make a swift and speedy recovery...For the rest you know what the best thing is for you.I hope you continue to play.And I wish one day I have a chance to watch you from the stands.Kind regards...
07/27/2016 | 11:22 AM
Hallo Roger, Vor einigen Jahren hatten Sie schon mal eine Krise, dann eines Abend hatten sie mit einem Magneten in der Hand mich auf einem Schiffsteg in Richterswil getroffen ... ich hab ihnen etwas gegeben und schon bald war der kessel geflickt und es ging wieder steil aufwaerts mit der karriere ... wollen sie mich wieder treffen ? your wellwisher castaliansatyahoo.com
07/27/2016 | 10:37 AM
Cher Roger ;)
c'est une décision qui est bien difficile à prendre ,vous l'avez fait avec beaucoup de réflexion à n'en pas douter. Je suis triste de ne plus vous voir sur un court durant de longs mois. Revenez nous en forme !