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08/24/2016 | 06:28 PM
So very glad to hear your regime is going well Roger and that you will soon be at your fittest again. I have so missed the excitement your matches always give to fans. I know my thoughts are echoed by many, many lovers of the game around the world. God bless
08/24/2016 | 05:25 PM
Hello Roger. I'm pleased to see you back on the practice court. I love to watch you keep practicing. Thank you for your updates. It is very encouraging for us all who have been so depressed without seeing you at any tournament. Good luck on your rehab and we will see you soon. I love you always. Please try Tokyo 2020!
08/24/2016 | 01:37 PM
Je ne t'oublie pas Roger. J'espère que tu le sais. XX
08/23/2016 | 10:22 PM
My beloved digital friend, I heard rumors you may be playing the US Open... is this true? Please, tell me it is... :-)
08/23/2016 | 02:48 PM
Merci pour les nouvelles sur l'equipe, ça fait plaisir, car franchement le tennis sans toi, c'est pas pareil, reviens vite en forme, personne n'a ce tennis inné, tu es toujours le meilleur a regardé jouer, on est tous avec toi pour 2017, peut-être avant ? qui sait ? Je crois que tu n'a pas fini ta carrière, un physique en béton et c'est reparti... GOOD LUCK CHAMPION Romina
08/23/2016 | 10:47 AM
How are you? Always keep your best spirit, Mr Roger!
08/23/2016 | 07:58 AM
2 'r's, 3'e's, an 'f 'and a 'd'. Put them together and spell them for me : Federer !!! Bonne journée, Roger. XX