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07/03/2015 | 11:49 AM
Good morning Roger...
Round of 32... again steady as she goes ... first weekend .. we want to be there for the second...
Enjoy your day off and have an excellent match tomorrow.. !
07/03/2015 | 09:37 AM
Il y en a qui pensent que Roger peut aller jusqu'au bout à Wimbledon. Je le crois aussi.
07/03/2015 | 09:13 AM
No problem Roger. This fan can follow your matches with her cellphone on the train if necessary. Tried and tested, it works. Well done, by the way !
Zeeshan Khalid
07/03/2015 | 09:06 AM
Roger Federer, good performance in second round all the best in third round as well.
07/03/2015 | 08:56 AM
Roger congratulations and thanks on the inspiring display of tennis on grass!
I enjoy and cherich every moment you step on the court.
Uniqe staff! Best of luck on your way towards the 8th title!
Must say it'll be the sad day once you decide to stop playing.
Untill then let's sieze every moment when you play!
07/03/2015 | 08:43 AM
Cher Roger,
Tu nous fais vivre tellement de bonheur avec ton tennis incroyable ! Tu as la passion et rien ne t'arrêtera... Tu es magique !

Avec toute notre admiration !
07/03/2015 | 06:59 AM
Roger, you are the #1 player ever in my book! I love to watch you play because you move and strike with so much fluidity! Never have seen anyone else do it as well! You are a very special player!