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Rodney Shaw
01/27/2015 | 09:02 PM
I have been long time admirer of you as a player and ambassador on and off court. I believe you are still top of your game and it was just unfortunate that you exited the way you did. It's a shame that some people just do not like you just because you have more GS titles than anyone so far. Even if RN catches you up your style of play is far exciting than his power play. Just decide to retire when YOU are ready and not influenced by others. All the very best for 2015.
A Friend in Costa Rica
01/27/2015 | 08:48 PM
...Laurels, on your iconic position in the tennis world, whenever you decide to exit the game of tennis do it as one of the greatest ones, do it by getting to the top of your game again, I know you can do it..you just have to get back " the eye of the tiger" mentality again, Seppi played very well..but you could have beaten him, you just did not have it in you that day, like many others, I also heard you trying to motivate yourself in different languages, that's a start, I'll always motivate you
A Friend in Costa Rica
01/27/2015 | 08:39 PM
...your mental, psichological and emotional area, look at how well Murray is doing in the AO, beating Kyrgios in front of the Aussie crowd was a very tough mental test for him and he mastered....so can you Roger, at your level of tennis it is all in the head, in your mentality, for us, the masses, you kind of come across as a humble, kind and approachable person....and this is why I like you over pricks like Nadal and many others out there, what you need to do is toughen up, don't rest on your..
A Friend in Costa Rica
01/27/2015 | 08:30 PM
Hi Roger, Here I am again, I once read in an a magazine article that you never dwell on your lost matches and that's a great attitude, good for you, the past is the past and you have to move on to the present so you can build for the future.....what you can do is not dwell...but feed from your loses, acknowledge that there are things that you need to change and improve, your tennis skills are more than admirable but there's always room for improvement in that area, most of all try to work on ...
Gloria Forshay
01/27/2015 | 07:29 PM
I am your #1 fan for many many years since you first hit the tennis scene. I've seen you grow from young out of control man to a great gentleman both on and off the courts. You are a true inspiration. Will cont. to follow your career as long as I draw breath. Thank you for never giving up! I hope to see you in person some day before I die. Gloria
01/27/2015 | 05:29 PM
Roger, tu familia primero
Tu carrera después

Ni modo!!!!

Siempre serás el #1 del Ranking
01/27/2015 | 05:09 PM
Dear Roger
i am sad that you are already out.
the truth is that i cannot believe you loss your game against Seppi. it is for me unbelieveble.

let yourself be believe that you can still win a grandslam, whoever your opponent is.