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09/23/2014 | 04:57 PM
My dearest Champ Roger, I agree with SHARMA 's comment about the serious air pollution. I have been living in Pejing which also has the same problem. This could really harm your health, so please make good preparation! Fans from India will be so delighted to see your live match. Proud to be your fan, wish great success in Shanghai, Paris master, Basel, ATP FINAL,and Davis Cup! Thank you for making tennis so beautiful, we love you!
09/23/2014 | 02:42 PM
Dear Roger
OMG! OMG! You are coming to India. I am sure you are making a lot of Indian fans very happy including myself. But Delhi is so far as I live in the south of India and I am hoping against hope that I can make it. Its a 4 hour flight for me. For 2 years I went to Dubai to watch you live and that made me sooo happy but I just couldn't get a photo with you which still remains on my list. I hope I get the chance to get a photo with you. Good luck playing in the Indian Aces team
annaswamy sankaran
09/23/2014 | 10:33 AM
great news to know that Roger is coming to India. With such a huge population,
no doubt., you will have a lot of people waiting to see you and your game.
the upper middle class, and that in numbers very high, shall be prepared to spend
heavily for the match. Sponsors shall have good time with 'ROGER' around.
i would not be surprised if the sponsors had put in more money for you than
the injured Nadal.
Ishaan Sharma
09/23/2014 | 08:53 AM
Dear Roger, While I would love to see you play in my hometown, Delhi, I must forewarn you off the alarming air pollution levels. According to a report published by WHO in 2014, Delhi ranks as the most polluted city in the world. The situation is worse during the winter months as the wind speed is considerably lower, creating a miasma of smog and other noxious gases that envelop the city. This insalubrious atmosphere is a major health hazard. Kindly reconsider your decision or come prepared!
Swati Mahajan
09/23/2014 | 07:51 AM
Dear Roger,
It's a great news that you would be coming to New Delhi. So excited to see you playing live for the Ist time in my life.

Can any one suggest me where can we get the tickets for IPTL?
09/23/2014 | 04:15 AM
Hi Roger,knowing that you will be playing in Delhi, I am a little bit worry! You should take a good rest after finishing 2014 schedule. The remaining schedule is so tight. I think you are just so nice to yourfans.We are so eager to watch your match at home soil, I am jealous with the Indian fans. They are so lucky to have this chance!.I know you would bring a fantastic journey to India, enjoying but keep healthy, don't get exhausted. Love you and your beautiful family!
09/23/2014 | 03:26 AM
Dear Roger,
It seems that your schedule will be packed until the end of this year...ATP final, Davis Cup final, matches in India, match for Africa2. I hope you still can have some time to rest... stay healthy and happy.