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10/23/2014 | 01:25 PM
hello sir,
wish you & your family a very HAPPY DIWALI from one of yours biggest INDIAN fan.
All the best for your match as well..
Just go & nail it..
God bless ya..
10/23/2014 | 10:29 AM
Weiter Roger, bewundere Dich seit 1993.
10/23/2014 | 06:44 AM
Lieber Roger,
Glückwunsch zu deinem klasse Auftaktsieg gegen Muller, du hast wirklich toll gespielt!
Wünsche dir heute für dein Achtelfinale alles Gute gegen Istomin, glaub weiter an dich! Der ist sicher besser von der Grundlinie, aber du wirst das meistern, Champ!! :) Go, Roger, viel Glück!!
10/23/2014 | 05:36 AM
Great match today! When is Mirka going to show up??? How are the four kids! A Handful-I bet
10/22/2014 | 10:00 PM
Hi Roger,

a little late here but just want to congratulate you on your Shanghai win, you played brilliantly and it was fantastic to watch you. Now you are on your way in Basel and we both wish you well. I think you will definitely take the crown here too but don't let anything or anyone bother you just stay relaxed focused and keep playing brilliantly and having fun and victory is yours. We are very happy you are doing so well and thank you for everything!

Best to you

Ray and Buzuye
Lokesh Reddy
10/22/2014 | 09:48 PM
Hey Rogi, hi well, i cant wait to see u play on thursday, anyways, happy diwali rogi, god bless you.
10/22/2014 | 09:30 PM
Thank you, dear Maestro, for working hard to get to this amazing level. Soooo amazing with 4 little children!! Our hero! Love you always.