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Samuel Pallapati
12/10/2014 | 11:39 AM
Was in Delhi Stadium to watch Roger. Boy , was he amazing , electrifying , stunning and lightning fast all at the same time ! He simply stole the show and the crowds couldn't have enough . Djoko Vs Roger was exhilarating esp the 'Sky-Hook Smash' , which was breathtaking. If you get a chance don't miss watching him while he still fit . Watching on TV I think gives only about 40-50% of actual happening. I am back at work , but yet to recover . These guys' excellence(hardwork behind thi) inspiring.
12/10/2014 | 09:06 AM
Sir, i am a big fan of yours. Watching you play live was one of my biggest dreams ,and now after watching you in the delhi leg of IPTL my dream has come true...!!
It was truly an experience ,to share which ,i don't have words. I couldn't believe my eyes when you were playing right in front of me.
It was surely the best day of may life and i wish to have days like this in future also...!!
I know u have a lot of messages and wishes , but do read this one please..!!
Wishing u great season ahead..!!
Anne Henderson
12/10/2014 | 08:15 AM
It was wonderful to see you playing in Delhi and obviously enjoying yourself. Have a good rest now with your family. We fans would love to see a picture of all four of your children
12/10/2014 | 05:47 AM
A delight, to see you in India, Roger, and also a delight to see the fans enjoying the matches. I am sure they were very pleased that you were there with other top players, as they have longed to see you, and we kept hearing requests from them on this site. You looked relaxed, happy, and played excellent matches! How wonderfully your game is: to me, you have sharpened your skills and added to your arsenal. It is most amazing, and makes one's heart glow to see it. Next will bring even more!
12/10/2014 | 03:42 AM
Dear Roger

It was such a fascination experience for us viewers and fans to see you in action in Delhi. Besides performing exceptionally well the way you handled the whole situation was commendable. You warmed up to the crowd and everyone loved you out there. The placards and posters said it all. The exhibition with the film stars was hilarious and infact a bit embarrassing. Aamir Khan couldn't play at all and Deepika looked like she came for a ramp walk. You were the star.

12/10/2014 | 01:14 AM
12/10/2014 | 01:12 AM
Eres el mejor tenista