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09/29/2015 | 01:00 AM
Roger que alegría saber de ti
Eres lo máximo
Eres el mejor
Quisiera decirte tantas cosas en este instante
Como por ejemplo, que siempre serás mi deportista favorito
Te admiro y respeto
Confio en ti mucho, y siempre lo hare
Esta relación entre tu y yo es lo mejor que me ha ocurrido
Ser tu fan #1 es y siempre será mi mejor decisión!!!!!
09/29/2015 | 12:40 AM
I wish you Great luck in you upcoming games. I want you to understand what you have done for the game of Tennis and your fans.You are truly a Great! you are a Genius with the way you have mastered your flawless moves and win or lose you will never disappoint. We will always love and respect you and the game. Good Luck and enjoy.
One of your MANY fans.
Sheila Baranowski

09/28/2015 | 10:14 PM
Mon fils Justin va avoir 18 ans et il fan depuis toujours de vous Roger, pourriez vous lui adresser pour son anniversaire personnellement une photo dédicacée, vous êtes sa référence, il vous adore. Son adresse Justin Marlot 1C rue Gérard Neyrin 69630 Chaponost France. Mille mercis
09/28/2015 | 08:41 PM
09/28/2015 | 09:38 AM
A hello, and that I noticed the Davis Cup win, which deserves a Bravo! Also, Shanghai is good venue. Things are really melding together, coming along, and it is astonishing to see you with new play, new ideas incorporated into your game, and that explosive speed, and your strategy, so clean, sharp, cutting! Your movement and strokes are so smooth that many people don't even realize that power that goes into your shots and serves! But it's the whole game, the body alignment, position, balance
caro m
09/27/2015 | 08:00 PM
i still remember the moment when i see for first time roger's federer play, i was still a child, i didn't like tennis, but from that moment i started to interest about tennis. now i can say that roger is my inspiration to practice tennis, i love it with all my heart, i cried in the wimbledon's lost finals and this year us open. when i see roger plays, i think about him, ¿how can he do it? that is a artwork. i just can`t tired of see him. i just watch and wait for a new incredible shot.
09/27/2015 | 04:14 PM
Roger Federer winning moments next year 2016Australian open US open Wimbledon open French open
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