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12/19/2014 | 09:24 PM
Dear Roger so happy to see you play in Delhi.You were so relaxed and what a
doubles match. When you needed to you stepped it up. Wonderful. Have a Great
christmas with your family and friends. We love you all. You might be busy
moving to your new house. Beautiful. Good luck with all that.
I have today that the fans in Delhi were crazy about you. As a player that must
be so satisfying. Well deserved.
12/19/2014 | 07:48 PM
hello Roger
i m the bigest fun of you !!!!! youre the best tennis player in the world!!!!!!!
12/19/2014 | 02:35 AM
Hi Roger, I'm from Melbourne, and 2015 is going to be my first year coming to the Aus open. I've booked 19th, which is the first day. I don't know if you're playing or not, maybe I'll see u on the practice courts. Please please sign my RF cap and take a photo of me, I'm a really big fan :) I'm also coming to kids day, I know you're the ambassador so I'm coming. I love the charity/comedy matches where you all joke around. I hope I'll see u face to face in January, best of luck for the AO. Xoxo
12/18/2014 | 04:44 AM
Good luck with the match for Africa. Have you thought about expending this event with more matches and playerss. GREAT CAUSE!!!!
12/18/2014 | 12:42 AM
Poor Tommy Hilfilger, wonder if he knows that he just hired one of the worst cheaters in tennis to be his spokesperson. Too funny, wondering if now Nadal won't have to adjust his underwear every time he's ready to serve!! :)
12/17/2014 | 02:10 AM
Simply the best

Eres el mejor
Ryuhei Ozone
12/16/2014 | 02:39 PM
Hello, my broger, I want to use here a little again.

Yuzuru-chang, you used Mr. Gary Moore. Do you like rock? Did you choose it by yourself? I have CD albums more than 3500 in my iTunes. I'm a music crazy man.

I love you.