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04/17/2015 | 10:04 AM
Que c'est dommage cette défaite Roger :( Vous étiez si près .
Hâte de vous revoir à Istanbul pour une 200ème victoire sur TB !

04/17/2015 | 05:21 AM
lesson for you. I hope you still feel great about yourself. You are a great athlete, just analyze today's match with your team and go to the next one with a stronger game and confidence. The #1 belongs to you until you yourself will decide otherwise.
Regroup, recharge and come back for your next tournament stronger and more confident than ever !!!!! You are unbelievable tennis player !!!! BELIEVE !!!!!
04/17/2015 | 05:11 AM
I was finally able to watch your match against Monfils. It was a great match. You have nothing to feel bad about. I think that you have underestimated Monfils. He always plays ( at least in the past ) like a "free spirit ". Today he was really serious for the first time. The only shot that he was trying to act like a goof, was in the third or fourth game of a second set and the camera showed unhappy face of the one of his team. Your shots were great but, yes...a lot of errors.... well, another
04/17/2015 | 04:20 AM
sam stacey
04/17/2015 | 01:41 AM
You are an inspiration to so many. You have always been my fave player until Milos came along. However, I still think you can make it to number #1 again. Good luck at Ronald Garros and Wimbledon, and all the other tourneys you are playing in. I love watching you play, so effortless.
Kady Wuagon
04/17/2015 | 01:10 AM
Hey Roger, I just wanted to say that you are an amzingly talented player. Professionals dream of having careers as successful as yours. You are a player to look up to. You hit your shots effortlessly and perfectly. Every tennis fan I meet has you at their number oneplayer. I hope you have many years to come of us watching you strive for success. I see you at number 1 again soon. Keep making us proud!
A Friend in Costa Rica
04/16/2015 | 11:26 PM
This humbleness of yours is something that to me, makes you deservimg of even better things in your sport and in life. A great career and legacy like yours deserves a great ending, I'm not saying that you should be thinking about retiring in the near future, no, what I'm saying is that the time to make your last 2, 3 or even 4 or 5 last years of your career worthty and great is now Roger, time catches up with everybody, try to make the absolute best of your last years in tennis, you can do it !!