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05/19/2016 | 05:37 AM
We All just want you to be healthy..you have nothing to prove..you have done All in all theese years..and no one can be as great as you..no one has never meant and will mean so much for tennis as You..on court,off court..we just hope you will recover..take care of yourself and enjoy life with your awsome family..thats the Most important ..Greetings and all the best from Norway.
05/19/2016 | 05:08 AM
Come on! You can do it!
Play with force... the Drive ... to 150 KM, fastballs,
Down the line, Drop shot, Crosscut.
Use your talent, you are the best.
05/19/2016 | 03:41 AM
good luvk
05/19/2016 | 12:05 AM
Wishing Roger Federer the very best in whatever decision he has to make,"not the same without you Champ....."
05/18/2016 | 06:44 PM
Cher Roger, tes fans sont ravis et contents que tu es pu t'entrainer à Roland aujourd'hui. J'espère que ton dos va bien et que tout va rentrer dans l'ordre. Allez Roger !
05/18/2016 | 02:49 AM
Roger please take care of your back and skip RG. If you play in the French Open you very well may not be able to play Wimbledon. You will not win at RG and I just don't want you to embarrass yourself. Take care, get back in shape and the best.
05/17/2016 | 08:39 PM
Good health and lots of luck, Roger! May the draw open up before you!