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A Friend in Costa Rica
07/03/2015 | 08:04 PM
Hello Roger, well, if only you actually read some of these posts,...You have seen what happened to Nadal, please do not play in a comfort zone Roger, BE CAREFUL with Sam Groth, not just for the obvious which is very dangerous serve..but for everything else, a guy like that dreams, yearns for upsetting someone like you, right now this guy Groth is dreaming and mentally preparing for doing to you what Dustin Brown did to Nadal, are you going to allow that to happen or are you going to take a stand
Padma Wickramasinghe
07/03/2015 | 06:58 PM
Dear Roger,Heartiest Congratulations on your wonderful performance.It was such a joy to watch you play and win in style.You are the best.Believe in yourself and play with determination to lift the trophy.You really deserve it.Be calm and stay focused 100% throughout. May your serve and shots work perfectly and give you a win in straight sets against Groth.Our Prayers,Blessings and Positive Energy are with you,dear son.Wish you,Mirka and kids Good Health,Protection and Happiness.Good Luck to you.
Susan & David Sewell
07/03/2015 | 03:29 PM
Hi Roger! You are a Rockstar! You are the example every athlete should emulate!
Your high standards for yourself and others, your kindness and professionalism are always on display on and off the court! As parents, we thank you for setting such a good example for our teenagers athletes!
Good luck in the 3rd round, from HHI,SC!
07/03/2015 | 01:49 PM
Roger Federer I'm one your biggest fans Your a true surgeon of the sport and i believe every tennis arena should be named after you and anything that has to do with tennis Have your mighty signature emblazoned on it Like what they say with Elvis You are the only and true King of Tennis there will never be another like you I look forward to watching you win more tournaments while making the other players look like they have never played tennis before God bless you always king federer
07/03/2015 | 11:52 AM
We are privileged to see you play....
07/03/2015 | 11:49 AM
Good morning Roger...
Round of 32... again steady as she goes ... first weekend .. we want to be there for the second...
Enjoy your day off and have an excellent match tomorrow.. !
07/03/2015 | 09:37 AM
Il y en a qui pensent que Roger peut aller jusqu'au bout à Wimbledon. Je le crois aussi.