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A Friend in Costa Rica
04/16/2015 | 11:26 PM
This humbleness of yours is something that to me, makes you deservimg of even better things in your sport and in life. A great career and legacy like yours deserves a great ending, I'm not saying that you should be thinking about retiring in the near future, no, what I'm saying is that the time to make your last 2, 3 or even 4 or 5 last years of your career worthty and great is now Roger, time catches up with everybody, try to make the absolute best of your last years in tennis, you can do it !!
A Friend in Costa Rica
04/16/2015 | 11:16 PM
There is a reason I am a fan of yours, it's not because I don't have better things to do, it's not that I am gay, I am straight and love women, it's not that I am some kind or weirdo or frustrated loser,..it's because, to me, you truly represent the best in tennis, the best form and the most elegance in your movements, in your tennis style and I also think that despite of your celebrity status and mythical place in tennis you seem to be a humble person at the same time, humbleness is a quality.
A Friend in Costa Rica
04/16/2015 | 11:03 PM
Hello Roger, here I am again.... I'm sorry that you lost against Monfills at the Monte Carlo, I really wish you hadn't lost but, there's no shame in losing from time to time, Monfills is a very talented player...but not as talented as you, he just played better in that particular match. Try to get better on clay Roger, you can do it, you once won the Roland Garros, remember ? There's important challenges ahead of you this year, prepare for them, get hungry again and play with your mind and heart
04/16/2015 | 08:23 PM
Hard Luck Roger! To be honest with ourselves you are playing great season & no one can deny that but in the same time we must admit that you are not able to compete on clay courts right now & you might be beaten against any player on clay courts but what I'm blaming on you that you are making many unforced errors (38 UF's today) & remember well how your UF's made you lose in AO & Indian Wells.
Roger you must find the solution for this issue, it just needs more focus & confidence from your side.
04/16/2015 | 07:33 PM
Keep it up, always a fan of yours..
04/16/2015 | 06:35 PM
Take solace in the fact that you were an answer on Jeopardy the other night
04/16/2015 | 06:07 PM
Monfils is a dangerous player, but after the way you handled Chardy, I'm in Shock !! Fan